Another delay on soya

It seems that the soya trial just isn’t meant to be.

the last post Soya take 2 said that I was ready to move on to the next stage.

So Tuesday came when I had planned to give him a spoonful of soya pudding

alpro soyaand to be completely honest I just never got around to it, Tuesday is my really hectic day, nursery drop of, pick up one at lunchtime, french lesson, swimming lesson, back to pick up number 2, then off to Guides and last week I even fitted in some breastfeeding peer support. So that was no problem, as I felt I didn’t want to rush anything, I wanted to make sure that when Tim had the soya it was all relaxed rather than being a rush where he might know that there was something strange going on.

And everything would be fine as both boys come home from nursery at lunchtime on a Wednesday, so plenty of time the next afternoon, or so I thought.

When I went to pick Sammy up from nursery I couldn’t see him, usually he is riding around on one of the tricycles, or if he hasn’t managed to ‘bag’ one of those he will just be running madly around chasing or being chased.
He was found lying down under the climbing frame, they’d asked if he was ok, had any bumps, felt ill etc, offered hugs but he wasn’t interested. By the time I carried him to Tim’s room he just led on the floor again, At the car he informed me he had a tummy ache, which is good to know as normally he just keeps everything to himself.

So we had a quiet afternoon thinking the boys could share the soya pudding after tea.

But no it still wasn’t to be, Sam played a bit, sat quietly a bit and then finally went really green looking and was sick, so the decision had to be made that it wasn’t worth the risk of trialling Tim with soya as if he were ill we wouldn’t know whether it was the soya causing it or if he had caught whatever Sam had.

No problem there leave it a couple of days and try again?

Well you might think so, but finally Tim has got the cold that has been going around the rest of us for a while, so I guess it is now a case of watch this space until further notice, as we are just waiting for that moment when everyone is healthy enough for the tiral to go ahead!

Sam and Tim


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