You are a good parent

Over the last few months I can’t tell you just how many times I have heard mummies saying to each other that they are doing or have done something wrong, or the most common statement that they are


If we are all honest we have all probably felt this way at some point.

I know I certainly did, but then one day someone said something to me that made me think and realise that I was doing ok. It was only 6 words and I apologise now for not giving credit where it really is due, but I cannot remember who it was who said it, so if it was you, please let me know and I will happily acknowledge you.

So here it is



and it’s very true, from the moment that you give birth, or even before when you know you are pregnant, you start worrying about everything.

When you are pregnant you might worry about what you eat, is it safe to do different activities etc.

Once the baby arrives there are so many things to think about, what nappies should you use, how should you feed, when to start routines to mention just a few.

And for every decision you have to make as a parent there will be a little voice at the back of your mind making you wonder whether you have made the right choice, and making you feel guilty about any slight thing, it’s the thoughts of maybe if I did …. instead certain things might have been different.

But it is quite simple


If you are able to have these feelings of guilt then you are doing something right, you are busy worrying about your children, which is just what you should be doing.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you what you are doing is wrong, you will have thought long and hard about everything and made the right decision for you and your family at that particular moment in time.

family 2013

All any of us can do is what we think is the best thing for our families at any given time.


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