DSCF1981It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these.
Today Sam had to go for his 3 year booster injections, as always he was very brave, a nurse came at him from both sides at the same time and other than a slight squirm there wasn’t even a whimper. The nurses even told him how great it was that as he was one of the first it was good for any other little ones to see he wasn’t upset.

As the day went on he was fine, but I just kept hearing from him that the doctor (he kept calling the nurses doctors)

‘gave me pom-poms and plasters’

otherwise known as cotton wool and tape


Stopping Banana

The soya trial doesn’t seem to be getting very far as once again other things are delaying us.

Some weeks back we were having a rough time with Tim again and the only thing that was different was we had found  a recipe for banana pancakes

banana pancake

and as the boys liked them (and I had bananas that needed using) we had them a few days in a row, normally we don’t eat that many bananas here, so we wondered whether they were having any affect on him.

So we decided to cut them out of his diet for a while with the intention of trying them again in a few weeks, then we had an incident with Sammy sharing chocolate with Tim one morning,  as expected as few days later he was unwell, then we ended up at the doctor just to get a cough checked.

The doctor said he had a chest infection and gave him banana flavoured amoxycillin antibiotics.

We don’t know whether it was the the antibiotics or the flavouring that was causing the trouble,

but dose one – no problem,  dose 2 crying and inconsolable within 10minutes, this continued for around 2hours when he then fell asleep, slept for a couple of hours, woke up, played happily had 3rd dose and was back to crying within 10minutes, so we stopped them

After another couple of weeks I decided to retry banana last Friday

bananaFriday wasn’t too bad, but Saturday night wasn’t the best, by Sunday something was definitely causing trouble as he woke by 10.30 and was up until 3am, this was after paracetamol and then some time later piriton, the eczema on the backs of his legs got worse as well.

So it looks like we are off banana for a while. Hopefully nothing else is going to materialise soon.

Harringtons Cat Food

The other day I was offered the chance to try some Cat food which, I must admit I had never even heard of before.
Well as the cupboard was almost bare I jumped at the chance.
I will say unfortunately when the sample arrived Sammy was very disappointed, when I suggested to him it might have something in the box for Holly (our cat) he was adamant that it was going to have something Chuggington  in there.
hollyLuckily once he had emptied the box completely to confirm there were definitely no Chuggington toys lurking in the depths of the box he was happy and tried to find Holly.
So here it is, the contents of our box
harringtons cat food with leafletThe variety that Holly has been lucky enough to sample is chicken with rice.
To be honest I was a little doubtful how this would be taken by our cat as Holly is never one for dried food, but I’m always up for giving things a go.
So the food was measured out carefully as advised on the packet
cat foodand put out for Holly, then we waited to see what she thought
Well after an initial sniff, she got her head straight into the bowl.
I was able to get her away after a few minutes to take this picture
cat foodBut then she was straight back in.
We have been feeding it to her regularly, sometimes on its own and sometimes with wet food, some days she can’t get enough of it, and others she picks at it, but then that’s like us with food, somedays we prefer one thing to another. But if we put a different dried food out for her she still turns her nose up at it everytime, and she will always have a couple of bites of this Harringtons chicken and rice.
Harringtons are available from supermarkets, local pet food shops and have even recently branched out into the French market. To find out more go to their website http://www.harringtonspetfood.com/
This post is a review of Harringtons Chicken and Rice cat food, I was supplied with a sample of the product to trial. All opinions are my own (or our guesses of what our cat thinks!).