I don’t know whether any of you have noticed, but there has been some ‘blogging-silence’ for a while.

And this time it hasn’t been anything to do with my 2 little boys.

I decided that I needed a break from being mummy for a while, so had a week away from them, unfortunately this was not as much fun as it sounds, as it involved a lot of pain, a ride in an ambulance (which was being manned by someone from Junior paramedics, or so I was told, I’ve never seen it!)  6 nights in hospital along with lots of tests, scans etc.

I am now home to 2 little boys who I am informed were really well behaved while I was away (they are making up for it now!) and am waiting an operation. I can’t get used to the fact that I am needing a couple of hours nap a day at the moment, it just isn’t me, I am used to being active all day, ok a lot of the time maybe running around in circles normally, but at least it’s running and not napping.


So I have a provisional date of the 12th April to have my gall bladder out, I know a lot of people end up waiting years to have this operation and this is all happening within a month, but I think this probably shows just how serious things got.

At the time I really didn’t realise how ill I was, and all I keep hearing from people at the moment is

I had that, it’s really painful

and yes I agree the pain really is bad, but for me it was the complications that were involved and why I am having to wait for the operation and not have it sooner.

People had started to say I was looking a little yellow at the beginning of the week, by the end of the week no one could miss it. However even the jaundice it seems was nothing compared to the Pancreatitis, when they said to me before I was taken to a ward that over the next few days I could end up in intensive care, I don’t think I was really listening to them, over the next few days when I was dosed up on morphine, it still didn’t really sink in.

Now that I am home and still struggling to function to what I class as my ‘normal’ level, I am starting to realise just how serious things were.

So I am just taking each day as it comes and making the most of playing with my boys before the next stay in hospital.


pancreatitis support


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