Fayre & Square are getting there!

fayre and square

I am not someone who likes complaining, however before Christmas following a disastrous meal out I felt the need to say something, there were issues over the menu, we were advised that things would be fine for Tim, which I was unsure about, when I asked to see the ingredients they simply changed their minds on the suitability. Then when the food arrived it had things on the plate we had been told were NOT suitable for Tim

When I contacted them, head-office were very apologetic and said they would look into it.

I don’t know whether they did anything or not, but after much umming and ahhing we ended up back at the same place this weekend and I wanted to write and say how impressed we were.

Our first contact with a member of staff was very friendly and helpful, he actually knew that they had an allergy menu and where to find it, unfortunately it didn’t have the children’s menu in it, but he was very quick to rectify this, finding a manager who could provide it.

The manager bought the menu over that we required, and made sure we understood how to use it, he also enquired how serious an allergy it was so he could advise us on their cooking methods and where cross-contamination might occur.

We were extremely impressed with the amount of things Tim could chose from the new revised menu, even with his multiple allergies.

The food arrived promptly and everything on the plate was correct, the staff were all friendly, courteous and very helpful.

After out previous experience I was concerned about returning, however afters Saturdays visit I would like to thank all the staff that were on duty and say I can’t wait to return again soon.

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