Allergy Awareness week

This week has been ALLERGY AWARENESS WEEK.


For those who are dealing with allergies every day we are all more than aware of it, for those who are lucky enough not to have to deal with it you may not even care.
But you should care, you see it could be your action that causes someone else to become seriously ill, maybe even die (and NO I am not exaggerating, people can and do die from allergies)

I can understand why if it doesn’t affect you directly you may think it is nothing to do with you, but in the last couple of days I have read stories from people of children with allergies. Ones who have been fed foods that they are allergic to by someone who thought they were helping by unwrapping something for them, and one who ended up needing a dose of adrenaline and a visit to hospital, just because another child walked by and dripped something they were allergic to onto them.
So really this is a heartfelt plea to say


Parents of children with allergies are now feeling the need to set up toddler groups specifically for allergy children, as at the ‘normal’ groups children are often allowed to wander around with food, smearing it onto the toys. When I ask people at groups now to stop their children doing this it is assumed it is due to Tim’s allergies, I always turn to them and tell them that I never let Sam, who has no allergies, wander around with food, it is not ‘good practice’ they could choke on something if they are running around while eating, it is also not nice for anyone to find themselves stepping in, or putting a hand in someone elses half eaten …. (fill your own blanks in!) I am a strong believer that if when you are out at a toddler group they want to eat they should sit and eat, if they want to play then they can play. And before anyone tries to tell me that their child just won’t, it is simple if they are hungry, they sit, if they go and play then the food is removed!

Accidents can and do happen, but we should all be working together to make these as few as possible.


I know it sounds a long way of, but a date for the diary, next year allergy awareness week is 28th April – 4th May 2015


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