I will never feed my child something they are allergic to, will I!

As I mentioned in my last post about ALLERGY AWARENESS WEEK, accidents do happen.

Are you one of those people who have seen people post on facebook, twitter or similar or mention in passing that their child has had something that it is known they are allergic to and have sat there thinking

How could they?

You know they are allergic you should be more careful

and then that probably adds to the views of people that suspect the allergy isn’t really that serious if you aren’t that careful about what they come into contact with.

Well I will be honest that was probably me until just after Christmas, I always felt there was a difference between real accidents of cross contamination and a child eating something that it is known they have issues with, but then that dreaded day came!

So what happened?

Quite simply I went and cleaned my teeth and came back downstairs to Sam announcing

We’re sharing mummy, look mummies chocolates

It seems that although we don’t have much in the house in the way of non-Tim friendly food, following Christmas we had a box of Roses Chocolates which Sammy had found.

It is so difficult as he is only 3 and although he understands a lot, I cannot (or maybe that is should not) expect him to understand everything, he does really well, but he is 3.

I was very good and kept my calm as I looked at the 5 empty wrappers, not knowing who had eaten what, and trying not to cry, Sammy was so proud to be able to tell me he had shared, when I reminded him that he shouldn’t give Tim anything unless we tell him it is ok the response from him was

I looked in the box mummy and there were no special chocolates (special = dairy free!)

well what do you say to that, all you can do is try and stay calm, not burst into tears and wait for the ‘fall out’

So for all those who at some point have felt that others are looking at them as if to say how did their child get something ‘by accident’ I apologise not only on behalf of myself but also the millions of others out there who until it happens to them, just do not realise how easily it can happen.

I have now been there, we had to live through a rough weekend and I now realise that although we will do everything we can to try and avoid it happening again, it is not something that can be guaranteed.



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