Brownie Picnic

brownie picnicLast week the Brownies were having a teddy bears picnic.

For anyone who thinks that your children have to miss out just because they have allergies they really don’t.

Every single Brownie had to become dairy, egg, soya and banana free for a night, if they didn’t know that I had made sure all the food was safe for Tim they would never have known. As you can see from the picture, it all looks completely normal, but then it is.

I hope that anyone out there with children with allergies who are reaching the age that they might be starting with out of school activities and clubs find groups that are willing to work with you to enable your child to feel a full member of the group. This isn’t something I am doing because I have to drag Tim along to meetings, this is something I have done in the past when I have had anaphalytic girls in the unit and will do in the future.

If anyone has a child at a Brownie or Guide unit (or other similar organisation) and the leaders want any hints or tips feel free to point them in my direction. Lets do everything we can to make our children feel the same as everyone else.


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