Just as we thought we were ‘normal’

On Saturday I was all ready to write a post about how it can be hard to think of an allergy child as normal sometimes,
and how what other parents dread (things like the dreaded chicken pox) we can love, OK maybe love is too string a work, but we like to see as it is a normal childhood illness that every other child can and probably will get.
So why was I going to post?
Tim had spots, chicken pox, a normal childhood thing.

Why am I glad I didn’t have time to write it?
Just before bed one if the spots was a little larger than expected, nothing to worry about.

Sunday morning he was covered in huge red blotces (largest was probably around 2inches by 3inches. We phoned out of hours, long story short nothing to worry about, but then she also kept saying I had told her it hadn’t got any worse since last night, so obviously wasn’t listening to me.

By the end of Sunday they were still growing, so we decided on a+e.
After around 5 hours we had come out having been seen by nurses and paediatrician, temperature, heart rate, ECG and bloods done.

ecg tags

Diagnosis, it seems it is probably allergy related that took us there initially, but all the tests have shown tachycardia (increased heart rate), heart murmur and low levels of hemoglobin (iron levels) one symptom of anaemia can be increased heart rate, so he has been given an iron supplement and hopefully by the time we get our referral through things will have corrected themselves.


A lovely meal

Earlier this year we went out for a meal, which to put it bluntly was a disaster, I don’t like to put negative things on here about places so that is as much as I will say, other than it wasn’t this place and due to how bad it was we were given some vouchers for a free meal which we used here today.

signal box

Today we went to one of the newer Hungry Horse pubs the Signal Box in Coventry

Although it wasn’t always easy to recognise the staff, they were all dressed for Rio and became more recognisable as time went on and were happily taking part in having their faces painted for it. They were all very friendly and helpful.

Unfortunately they had no allergy menu, but were more than happy to help out in any way that they could to find something suitable for Tim to eat. When I presented the vouchers and caused chaos on their tills they still kept a smile on their faces and couldn’t apologise enough for having made me wait a couple of minutes longer than I should have.

We were offered the chance to ‘upgrade’ the children’s meals to include a pudding, but I declined as the only option for Tim would be a fruit bag and to me it never feels fair for him to get a fruit bag while Sam sits with an icecream sundae or similar.
When I returned to the table I had a look at the deserts on the adults menu and we thought there might be something suitable as long as they were made on the premises and we could pick and choose bits. As this is the case they were more than happy to make Tim something with bits and pieces from various deserts that were suitable for him, unfortunately we never got to try this out as the boys started getting fidgety and we still had to go shopping (some of the fidgets may be related to Tim now being covered in spots, chicken pox looking, not allergy!)

It was lovely to find a place where all the staff actually seemed happy to be at work.

After we had eaten we went out for a short play, unfortunately they haven’t yet managed to arrange the weather, this didn’t bother the boys and we still had problems getting them of the equipment

This post is a review of The Signal Box, Coventry, all opinions are my own, we were given vouchers to cover the costs of this meal, but this was due to a bad experience at another Hungry Horse in the past

Blog moving on?

If you read the about section of this blog or read many of the posts you will know that it is mostly about Tim and his allergies.

That could all be about to change. Yes I will still be writing about Tim and how his journey is continuing, but it seems that Sammy is about to start a journey of his own.


Last week he had a bit of a cough, nothing much, certainly it wasn’t anything we were worried about. Saturday I noticed a spot on his tongue, so while we were out shopping I thought being a weekend it might be worth picking up something for ulcers or similar, hubby looked before we went into Boots and saw now his tongue was covered in little red spots, so the pharmacist said as there is a lot of scarlet fever in the area and she thought it looked like that so referred us to out of hours.

The doctor at out of hours was amazing and great with the boys, but we knew something wasn’t quite right when he asked Sam to remove his t-shirt after he had a quick listen with his stethoscope, definitely not a normal request.

There were no signs of scarlet fever, but he said he heard a diastolic click, so would refer us back to our GP.

Today I popped in having heard nothing, the receptionist said the message they had received was unclear, but in the end I had a telephone appointment for this afternoon, The doctor explained how what had been described on Saturday was the heart not making the ‘normal’ noises and could be down to fevers etc, but to pop in today whenever we were free.

So 2 boys in the car and there we were.

He listened and has agreed that there is a slight murmur there and is now referring us to a specialist, so now the wait begins.


Stone Earth Pan – product review

I was lucky enough to be asked a while ago to review The Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri.

I thought this would be great, new kitchen fitted and a new pan to use in it, but unfortunately things didn’t go to plan and there is still no nice new kitchen, but hopefully there will be movement on that soon.

So at least once I was back to full health I had something to look forward to using in our kitchen that is literally in pieces.


The pan that I was sent to review was THE STONE EARTH PAN by OZERI 10″ (26cm)

As you can see from the pictures it even came with a protector for when you are storing it.

We have now used the frying pan to cook all sorts of things, we put the pan through its paces, including fried eggs, steaks and omelettes to mention just a few.

The pictures show various stages of a pasta dish that I cooked in it.

The pan was very comfortable to use, there was a bit of me that had feared something with a name like ‘Stone Earth’ sounded like it would be really heavy, but I was impressed with how lightweight it was. Not too light that you felt you could send it flying over the other side of the room if you tried to toss a pancake, but not so heavy that you wouldn’t even attempt pancakes!

As I was reviewing it I thought I had better read the instructions which advised as well as the usual ‘wash before first use’ that everything comes with. It also said that it would only need a light coating of oil due to

Utilizing STONEHENGE, a natural stone-derived coating made in Germany, the Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri is on of the world’s first frying pans to achieve non-stick perfection.

allows you to cook with as little as half the amount of oil normally used, and it makes cleaning a breeze

well you read these sorts of comments and if you are anything like me, usually take them with a very big pinch of salt. But for once I would like to say that I completely agree with it.

After I had finished frying various veg and meat, and adding sauce etc to it, I tipped the contents of the frying pan into a dish for the oven and this is what I ended up with, no scraping, didn’t use the spoon at all to even help transfer from one dish to another.

DSCF6448I think we have now thrown just about everything we can at this pan that we cooked in our previous pans, everything has cooked really nicely and nothing, (and yes I do mean nothing, even if it has been left a little longer than maybe it should have been) has stuck.

So if you are thinking about buying a new good quality frying pan I would definitely consider one of these.




This post is a review of Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri, I was supplied with a sample of the product to trial. All opinions are my own.

Learning to understand allergies

I don’t know about anyone else, but before we had Tim and had to deal with allergies first hand, I knew that anyone with an allergy would be covered in rashes, probably be violently sick, worse case scenario anaphalytic reaction.

Then came Tim which definitely changed our views as he had none of those symptoms.

The other thing that I am sure people not dealing with allergies are unaware of. They can have different reactions to different things, again something that we are slowly learning.

We are now starting to understand that reactions to soya affect his eyes, causing conjunctivitis looking reaction.
We think it still affects his stomach and mood as we had a few days of him seeming generally unhappy and reached the stage of him becoming inconsolable one afternoon, finally resulting in a dose of piriton. But the main visible reaction is the sticky eyes.