Blog moving on?

If you read the about section of this blog or read many of the posts you will know that it is mostly about Tim and his allergies.

That could all be about to change. Yes I will still be writing about Tim and how his journey is continuing, but it seems that Sammy is about to start a journey of his own.


Last week he had a bit of a cough, nothing much, certainly it wasn’t anything we were worried about. Saturday I noticed a spot on his tongue, so while we were out shopping I thought being a weekend it might be worth picking up something for ulcers or similar, hubby looked before we went into Boots and saw now his tongue was covered in little red spots, so the pharmacist said as there is a lot of scarlet fever in the area and she thought it looked like that so referred us to out of hours.

The doctor at out of hours was amazing and great with the boys, but we knew something wasn’t quite right when he asked Sam to remove his t-shirt after he had a quick listen with his stethoscope, definitely not a normal request.

There were no signs of scarlet fever, but he said he heard a diastolic click, so would refer us back to our GP.

Today I popped in having heard nothing, the receptionist said the message they had received was unclear, but in the end I had a telephone appointment for this afternoon, The doctor explained how what had been described on Saturday was the heart not making the ‘normal’ noises and could be down to fevers etc, but to pop in today whenever we were free.

So 2 boys in the car and there we were.

He listened and has agreed that there is a slight murmur there and is now referring us to a specialist, so now the wait begins.



6 thoughts on “Blog moving on?

  1. Hi Sarah, sorry to hear Sammy is unwell, please keep me informed of any developments or anything I can do to help, hope it turns out to be nothing major!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, James wants to give Sammy a big hug! Love Rach x

    • Thank you, he’s fine in himself, doesn’t know anything is wrong really, it was only a chance thing that it was picked up when the pharmacist sent us to out of hours with a misdiagnoses, glad she did, as I would much rather know when something is wrong

  2. Sarah, it’s Nick Bishop Shaw, have they ruled out hand foot and mouth ? here in France the kids get it all the time, they cough because it can get in their throat too ? it’s not serious and doesn’t need any medication and just makes them a bit moany – Hugo’s had it twice now spots on hands and feet.
    worht a mention Nik x

    • Thanks for thinking of us.
      Yes they did think of that, no spots anywhere is, and the cough is just moving around the family at the moment, one or other of us have it all the time, (it’s good to share)
      Hope Hugo is doing well, I love seeing pics of him on FB

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