Just as we thought we were ‘normal’

On Saturday I was all ready to write a post about how it can be hard to think of an allergy child as normal sometimes,
and how what other parents dread (things like the dreaded chicken pox) we can love, OK maybe love is too string a work, but we like to see as it is a normal childhood illness that every other child can and probably will get.
So why was I going to post?
Tim had spots, chicken pox, a normal childhood thing.

Why am I glad I didn’t have time to write it?
Just before bed one if the spots was a little larger than expected, nothing to worry about.

Sunday morning he was covered in huge red blotces (largest was probably around 2inches by 3inches. We phoned out of hours, long story short nothing to worry about, but then she also kept saying I had told her it hadn’t got any worse since last night, so obviously wasn’t listening to me.

By the end of Sunday they were still growing, so we decided on a+e.
After around 5 hours we had come out having been seen by nurses and paediatrician, temperature, heart rate, ECG and bloods done.

ecg tags

Diagnosis, it seems it is probably allergy related that took us there initially, but all the tests have shown tachycardia (increased heart rate), heart murmur and low levels of hemoglobin (iron levels) one symptom of anaemia can be increased heart rate, so he has been given an iron supplement and hopefully by the time we get our referral through things will have corrected themselves.


4 thoughts on “Just as we thought we were ‘normal’

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