It is a reaction!

Following on from my post the other day Just as we thought we were ‘Normal

Here is the update

As the blotches hadn’t bothered him in the least the other day I decided to be a cruel mummy and as soon as they disappeared I gave him another cake (or maybe 2!)

Initially on the first day everything appeared fine.

The today – no spots like before and not as bright red as last time, but lots of large (at least an inch and half across) red, slightly dry looking areas, several on each leg a few on his back and one on his arm.
So looks like he is definitely reacting to something, who knows whether it was a bad/cross contaminated batch of cake mix, or the something in the can of Fanta.
Guess we wait until everything settles down again and try with him with  some fanta and see what happensDSCF6532


2 thoughts on “It is a reaction!

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