It is NOT a reaction

OK so I know the other day I wrote about being normal or not, then I said it was a reaction. Well here is the update.

After various trips to doctors, things finally came to a head Wednesday night with a nosebleed lasting almost 40minutes, as it was over 20minutes we were told he had to go to A&E.
They were amazing took one look at him and said we weren’t leaving until it was sorted.
There was a very scary moment when they got more concerned about him and there was a sudden move to resus, but I couldn’t have asked for more from them.

At 3am with 2canulas in, fluids and antibiotics given we were transferred to Leicester Royal Infirmary by blue lights.
We have had no end of bloods taken, obs hourly, reduced to two hourly, and for tonight four hourly. Another cannula in foot this time.

So what is it?
Well to be honest no ones knows.
Nephrotic syndrome is definite, but treatment can’t be started as there are other complications which may or may not be made worse by starting treatment.
So we are playing a waiting game, every set of obs and blood result is being rung through to Nottingham hospital and there is the possibility we may have to be transferred.
hospital in bed


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