Ozeri knife set review

ozeri knifeA while ago I was sent the Ozeri Elite Chef Black ceramic, 3-piece knife set to try and review.

Unfortunately it has taken somewhat longer that I would have liked to finalise the review, initially this was due to work in our kitchen, but in the end was down to spending 3 weeks in hospital with Tim.
The review was mostly written before all that happened, but I just needed to hit ‘post’ when things started falling apart around us. However this has meant that yesterday my mother in law got to try them out as well.

The knives arrived in a lovely looking box from the outside and when I opened it I thought that they looked really well packaged and secure in there, I have even removed the flaps from the end of the box so that I can easily slide them in and out and have continued to keep them in the original pack as they are well protected in there.

I have used the knives for a selection of things, when I had the camera to hand I was chopping onions, carrots and liver

I must admit I certainly do not have the knife skills of any professional chef, but with these knives I was able to slice as thick or thin as I wanted, even making slices of potato and carrot that I could see through (although I did get bored with cutting them that thin!)

The knives are described as having

perfectly balanced ergonomic  handles

and I completely agree, they are so comfortable to hold, really lightweight and due to being

100% ceramic

they took no effort at all to cut through anything that I have tried it with.


So I was definitely won over by them, but then the added test came last night when my mother in law tried them as well. I think that her comment

any professional chef would like these in their kitchen

probably sums up what she thought of them.



This post is a review of Elite chef black ceramic 3-piece knife set by Ozeri, I was supplied with a sample of the product to trial. All opinions are my own.


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