Tim update

This is only a quick update as I know lots of people want to know how things are going around here.

When I am less exhausted (3 weeks in hospital with Tim, does take it out of you a bit!) I will give a fuller account of what has been and still is going on.

tim puffyLast Sunday (having only been discharged Saturday lunchtime) Tim woke up unable to open his left eye, so we ended up back at Nottingham hospital.

We have now been put on Steroids as well as the blood pressure medication, hopefully the steroids will begin to help things settle down and there for reduce the swellings and puffiness.

The kidney biopsy last Friday showed that he does have problems with his kidneys, immune related hence the steroids, but it could be another week or 2 before we get a definite diagnosis and know if there are any other forms of treatment required, for now it is more like treating symptoms than ‘curing’ the problem, if we are ever able to do that.

Over the next few weeks we expect to have lots more visits back and forth to hospitals for various tests and reviews, so all we can do for now is take each day as it comes.

At least for a few days we are home.

sam and tim at homeAND on a very important note,


To friends and family who have stepped in at short notice to help out with Sam, I am amazed at the generosity of people sometimes, Duncan has kindly had meals cooked for him, and I even had an amazing friend arrive at the hospital with food for me and Tim, a real lifesaver when the were struggling to cater for his allergies.


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