Becoming an Organ Donor

organ donation

I have donated blood for many years, I think I probably started when I was around 18, for some reason I have never had a problem with blood donation.

However the thought of donating an organ is very different, well in my head it is.

Today I signed up to become an organ donor.

I have recently joined some forums and groups to try and learn a bit more about what is going on with Tim and it is just amazing to see posts of people celebrating their (or mostly their children’s) kidneyversaries.

I hope that this is never going to be us, I really feel for those that have had to go through it, but it started to bring it home to me, one day it could be me begging other people to donate part of their body to my sick child, and quite simply how can I ask someone else to do it if I wouldn’t do it myself.


So for anyone who has ever been wondering whether they should do it or not, just think, if you or someone you loved needed it would you be willing to ask other people to donate?

If the answer is yes then I suggest that you think about joining the register now, it is really quick and easy to do, just go to

and click register now.


It’s getting hard to write about Tim

A while ago I thought I was getting my head around being able to write about what was going on with Tim. I was able to update all about the first trip to A&E in relation to this and our transfer from George Elliot in Nuneaton to Leicester Royal Infirmary.

I know I need to sit down and put into words what happened from that initial admission over the next 3 long weeks, mostly to try and clear my head of some of it.

But I thought it was going to be easy,
you see there is something wrong with him,
you are meant to go into hospital (ok so life would be better if that bit had never happened to start with, but it did!)
get diagonosed
be treated
go home
AND carry on as normal

but it has now been a couple of months, infact as I write this on the 9th Septemer it couldn’t be much closer to 2 months as I first took him to A&E on the 9th July.

We have had – I can’t even count how many blood tests, urine tests and even a kidney biopsy under general anesthetic.
We know he has inflammation of the kidneys and high blood pressure, but we still don’t fully know what is causing it, it might be a ‘post-infectious’ cause, but if that was the case he should be back to ‘normal’ by now.
and quite simply we aren’t, as I sit and wait for him to wake up this morning before taking him to his weekly hospital appointment, I wonder how long this is going to go on for, will he just ‘get better’ as they seem to be hoping, or are we waiting for the 6month window before they finally decide that something else needs to be done?tims birthday

PicStick review



I was very lucky to be asked to review PicStick the other day, and quite simply as a mummy who could refuse a few more pictures of her little boys, and ones I could attach to my fridge rather than just hiding away in an album.

So I went on the website and registered, there were some nice easy instructions and I was impressed that the postage was included all over the world and would only take 1-2days to arrive with me in the UK.

It was really easy to add photos to, being able to just drag and drop from either your computer, facebook or dropbox.

Once I had added all 9 of my chosen pictures to the ‘sheet’ it was a very easy process to complete the order.

Here comes the really important bit.

I placed my order on Monday night so I knew there was no way it would be with me on Tuesday, but was very impressed when on Wednesday I found my ‘post-boys’ bringing me this

pictsiconce they had discovered there were going to be photos inside there was no stopping them, I managed to get them to stop for one picture, but then that was it.

The pictures arrive as a sheet of 9 attached photos

pictsic6which can be attached to the fridge

pictsic8they say they are ‘perforated’ I found that to get them apart with nice clean edges I needed to use a knife, but this wasn’t really that big an issue

pictsic9The boys loved being able to stick themselves to the fridge, we have had to put them higher up out of reach as is seems it was taking a long time for the novelty to wear of.

When the prints arrived I noticed that there was the smallest of black dots on the end of Sam’s nose and what appeared to be a hair under the coating of one of the prints, both barely noticeable, but because I had seen

The PicStick Promise

If you’re not entirely happy with your PicSticks or they are damaged/lost in transit then we’ll send you some more immediately – no fussing or quibbling.


I thought I would send them a quick message, I couldn’t believe it when within a couple of days my entire order had been sent out again to replace my ‘faulty’ order.


So would I recommend them?

Quite simple yes!!!

as with any photo product you need to ensure that the pictures you are submitting are good quality,

but as long as what you send in is good what you get back will be just as good. The speed of service, quality of product and customer service were all amazing.

I certainly know what I will be sending some of my family for Christmas this year.


If you would like to place an order just go to
Normal price is only £9.50 for a sheet on 9 photos
but if you would like to try them I have been given the opportunity to offer you 25% off simply by entering code


This post is a review of PicStick, I was provided with a free product. All opinions are my own.

Feeding Police

i love breastfeedingI am sure that almost everyone who has had a child will have heard of the ‘Breastfeeding Police’ or ‘Breastfeeding Mafia’

Well I know there are those out there who lecture others on breastfeeding being something that everyone should do, and can make mums feel inadequate if they for whatever reason chose not to.

But how about the ‘Bottle-feeding Police’?

The what? I hear you all shouting!

Recently I have watched several friends struggle with breastfeeding for various reasons, their reasons are nothing to do with this post, so I will not be going in to that.
As a breastfeeding peer supporter myself I have offered support, if and when they have wanted it, at no time have I said, ‘you must continue’ what I have been saying is along the lines of

let me know if there is anything I can do (either breastfeeding related or just to give a new mum a break)

do you know where to get support locally (if they are not near me)

you have my number, give me a ring if you just want to chat about anything

and when a couple of them have been considering whether to continue breastfeeding or move onto bottles, I have simple told them that they

need to do what they feel is best for them and their new family,

making sure that they know that I am still here to offer support whether they keep breastfeeding or not.


So this is where the ‘Bottle-feeding Police’ come in.

Unfortunately due to the power of social media I have been able to watch a lot of friends over the last month or so be bombarded by people telling them to

‘just put him/her onto a bottle’

‘it didn’t do my baby any harm’

etc, etc, etc

At no point with any of these people have I seen those much talked about ‘breastfeeding mafia’ in action, there have been plenty of people offering support, explaining how hard breastfeeding can be and responding to any queries the mother may have.

What I have seen is too many ‘Bottle-feeding Police’ usually not listening to what the mother has to say and just saying change to bottle.
They are taking no notice of what the mums reasons for wanting to breastfeed are, or what the issues might be.
They are simply saying over and over again move to bottles it will be easier and listing a load of reasons to do it, which may or may not work for each child, like whether they sleep through or not, and how long they go between feeds,
They need to remember each child is different so just because it worked for them and their child, it does not mean it will work for everyone.

I am so sad to say that some of the friends I have been watching have ended up feeling pressurised, not by the much talked about ‘breastfeeding mafia’, but by the ‘Bottle-feeding police’

I wish that we as mothers could all just offer support to each other, without always assuming that whatever decisions we have made for our child will be the best or right decision for another mother and her child.