It’s getting hard to write about Tim

A while ago I thought I was getting my head around being able to write about what was going on with Tim. I was able to update all about the first trip to A&E in relation to this and our transfer from George Elliot in Nuneaton to Leicester Royal Infirmary.

I know I need to sit down and put into words what happened from that initial admission over the next 3 long weeks, mostly to try and clear my head of some of it.

But I thought it was going to be easy,
you see there is something wrong with him,
you are meant to go into hospital (ok so life would be better if that bit had never happened to start with, but it did!)
get diagonosed
be treated
go home
AND carry on as normal

but it has now been a couple of months, infact as I write this on the 9th Septemer it couldn’t be much closer to 2 months as I first took him to A&E on the 9th July.

We have had – I can’t even count how many blood tests, urine tests and even a kidney biopsy under general anesthetic.
We know he has inflammation of the kidneys and high blood pressure, but we still don’t fully know what is causing it, it might be a ‘post-infectious’ cause, but if that was the case he should be back to ‘normal’ by now.
and quite simply we aren’t, as I sit and wait for him to wake up this morning before taking him to his weekly hospital appointment, I wonder how long this is going to go on for, will he just ‘get better’ as they seem to be hoping, or are we waiting for the 6month window before they finally decide that something else needs to be done?tims birthday


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