Becoming an Organ Donor

organ donation

I have donated blood for many years, I think I probably started when I was around 18, for some reason I have never had a problem with blood donation.

However the thought of donating an organ is very different, well in my head it is.

Today I signed up to become an organ donor.

I have recently joined some forums and groups to try and learn a bit more about what is going on with Tim and it is just amazing to see posts of people celebrating their (or mostly their children’s) kidneyversaries.

I hope that this is never going to be us, I really feel for those that have had to go through it, but it started to bring it home to me, one day it could be me begging other people to donate part of their body to my sick child, and quite simply how can I ask someone else to do it if I wouldn’t do it myself.


So for anyone who has ever been wondering whether they should do it or not, just think, if you or someone you loved needed it would you be willing to ask other people to donate?

If the answer is yes then I suggest that you think about joining the register now, it is really quick and easy to do, just go to

and click register now.


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