Busy week cooking

As we have a new oven and a birthday coming up we have had a busy week testing out cake recipes.

Cakes – dairy, egg, soya free – 1DSCF7007

These were from the original recipe I found on the CMPA website, it made quite a small cake, but the boys finished it of in no time.

Cakes – dairy, egg, soya free – 2DSCF7203

I found the first cake a little plain so tried it again with some added vanilla essence, personally I think it was better, but each to their own. I also doubled the quantities and made little cakes rather than a big one.

Cakes – dairy, egg, soya free – 3DSCF7207

This is still based on the same recipe, but some of the flour was replaced with coco powder, as I wanted a bigger cake I used 3times the amount of everything, I don’t think I would do that again as it was really difficult to get the liquid to mix in. It still tasted good, just difficult to mix.

As we have been without a proper kitchen for so long it was lovely to be able to spend some time cooking with the boys, and they loved it.

There are also lots of other recipes available on the CMPA website, can’t wait to try out some more soon


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