Ozeri Bathroom scales review

DSCF6961The other week I was asked if I would be interested in reviewing Ozeri digital Bathroom scales

Each time Tim has been in hospital recently he was on and off the scales on a daily basis as they like to use it as a way to keep an eye on what his kidneys are doing, (and as the batteries had given up on our scales a while ago and I had never had chance to replace them) I jumped at the chance.

As usual it was difficult to get a look in once the boys saw a box to open, and things didn’t improve from there not letting me near them for most of the day.


But now onto me actually managing to find a few minutes to look at them

DSCF6962The design is really lovely a glass foot plate with a dial that lights up really brightly. I think it is great that it has both the dial and the LCD screen making it easy to read without the need to bend or squint.

I will leave you to guess who ways what, and it’s not always just the one person stood on them!

We have had scales in the past that you have to step on to turn them on, then step on a second time to get your actual reading, I love the fact that with these you step straight on and the first reading it shows is your actual reading. They are also one of the few scales (other than professional) that actually seem to calibrate themselves.

They come with an alarm feature that you can set to remind you to weigh at the same time each day, this isn’t a feature that I am currently using, but I can see how it would be very useful to people who want to make sure they keep a close eye on their weight.

My one negative about them would be that they don’t show my weight in stones, they do both pounds and kilograms, but I am still old fashioned when it comes to weight, although something I am getting more used to as the hospital keep weighing Tim in kilograms.

This post is a review of Ozeri Rev Digital Bathroom Scale with Electro-Mechanical Weight Dial (White), I was supplied with a sample of the product to trial. All opinions are my own.


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