3 Visits to the GP already this week!

It seems to be never ending at times.

So far this week I have been to the GP 3 (yes 3) times

Tim became unwell on Saturday night, generally unsettled and then a temperature appeared. All day Sunday he still had a temperature being over 39 all day, generally cuddly and a bit lethargic, so we kept him dosed up and gave cuddles where required.

Sunday night still with Temperature he was awake by 10pm and I ended up in bed with him through until 5am.

I popped into him Monday morning and he felt much cooler, so I decided that sleep was probably the best plan and when he woke up at around 10am he was much better, he got up, had breakfast and played quite happily.

Then the afternoon arrived and when I changed him it was obvious that the temperature had affected his kidneys again from the colour of his urine, so I phoned his consultant in Leicester Royal Infirmary for advice, they said as long as he seemed fine in himself then he didn’t need examining, but it would be useful to confirm what was in his urine.

So after long ‘discussions’ with a receptionist at our surgery I took a urine sample in. Later in the afternoon/evening (the boys were already in their pyjamas, so around 6.30) I receive a call from a Doctor, asking lots of questions and concerned about there being blood in his urine. After a chat between 3 doctors it was decided that they wanted to see him in the morning.

This morning we went to the appointment that the doctor had arranged last night, this seemed pretty much a waste of time to me as other than taking his temperature he wasn’t examined at all. I had taken another urine sample as requested, it was confirmed that there was still blood in it, as well as protein, but no white blood cells as would be expected with a infection. So we were just advised to keep an eye on him and bring him back if he got any worse. They are sending of the sample to see if there is any infection present.

When I went to collect Sammy from nursery Tim’s keyworker popped in to say they had used his inhaler, (which is only used every few months) I was there a while as Sam has french and before I left I was ‘visited’ again by Tim’s keyworker to say they really weren’t happy with how he was breathing. So next thing you know we are of to GP again, we went straight from nursery to the surgery and the doctor kindly saw us before surgery got going. He seemed fine, nothing to be heard on his chest, so no signs of infection. His breathing had settled, but this could well be because the inhaler was finally taking effect.

So once again we are just told to keep an eye on him and see how things develop.


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