CBeebies Bedtime hour – My Big Shouting Day

We like to sit down as a family and watch the Bedtime story on CBeebies and last night it was My Big Shouting Day by Rebecca Patterson

my big shouting dayThis is not being written as a review, it is solely here as it really felt like what a lot of our life is like at the moment. I thought about writing the post last night after a bad day with Tim.
We currently have a lot of shouting days in this house, not helped by having a 4 year old and a 2 year old who is on steroids which affect his moods.

As I sat and listened to Ben Bailey Smith reading the story last night I just felt that the story was a little close to home for us at the moment. Unfortunately I sat there thinking,

but with Tim’s moods we get this day after day after day after … (well you get the idea)

But I am soo glad that I didn’t rush to write this last night as it seems the boys were also listening to the story, and today they decided to have a

happy day

Tim had his up and down moments, but by comparison to some days it has really been an up day. That alongside Sam deciding to help hang washing, change his bed etc has made it one of the best days we have had in a while.


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