#EarlybirdChallenge – Time for feet!

I was asked a few weeks back if I fancied taking on the #EarlybirdChallenge being run by Free Office Finder so here it is.

I have children so early is the norm in this house and for some reason when Nana and Grandad visit Sam thinks even earlier is better, then there was the change of hour this weekend,
so I was dreading how early he would be up on Sunday morning and was suddenly regretting deciding to start my #EarlybirdChallenge the day the clocks changed.

But by some miracle he wasn’t up until 6.30, so I had chance to get up, showered and dressed before either of the boys were around.

I will never expect to be able to be up much before the boys, but just by being able to take the time to sort myself and not attempting to dress all of us at the same time means I can give more time to them when they are awake.

So when I say Time for Feet here is what I mean

By having the time to give to the boys without having to rush them to get up and out I have been able to give them the time to do (or in Tim’s case try to do) their own socks, often we have already had an argument just about getting dressed, and I have ended up having to put their socks on just to save time, but by me being that bit more relaxed by already being sorted myself it generally made the whole morning go that bit better

It might not seem much but it is all part of the learning curve for them and it is soo nice not to have to rush them


I would like to thank Free Office Finder for setting me the challenge

So now I challenge you to join the #EarlybirdChallenge get up early and see what you now have time for!


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