When is blood ok in the urine?

Well I guess for most of you the answer is it is NEVER ok to have blood in the urine.

But as you will know by now Tim does not follow the same rules as most people.

Today we had 2 appointments at the hospital one with the dietician and the other with the kidney specialist.

The dietician said the usual, how’s it all going etc, so nothing to report there.

But Dr Houtman had a bit of different news today.
He said there was blood in the urine, which is nothing new, there is always blood in the urine and can be for months and months after the problems Tim has had, but he was really excited to tell us that is all there was in the urine,

BLOOD but NO protein

so I guess it is not so much that it is ok to have blood in the urine, but more that it is great that there is blood and nothing else, fingerscrossed we will soon be able to report that there is no blood either.

So after a long day going to the hospital straight from nursery, a bit of crying and screaming from Tim, but an amazingly well behaved Sam, I guess maybe it is time to wake them up.


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