Snapfish review

I was lucky to be offered the chance to review some Snapfish products.

The order was only placed on Sunday, by Wednesday the first item had arrived and by Thursday everything was with me, so I was really very impressed with the speed that they came.

On opening the parcels I couldn’t have been happier with the quality of what I was presented with. All the photos were printed to a very high quality (I presume that this is partly due to picking high quality pictures to send as I imagine if the quality of the originals is not good then the finished product is not going to be as good)

So what did I order?

A photo calendar with Natural background – came with envelope

A signature desk calendar with colourful stripes background

Both of these calendars were very high quality, one bonus is that you can start them on any month of the year and on the desk calendar you can have upto four photos per month. On both calendars you can also have text on each month, I chose not to as although some pictures are easy to put captions to there are others that I just didn’t know what to write.

The only negative that I found, personally I think it would be useful if the calendars have some notable dates on for example bank holidays or Christmas.

Just wanted to say Thanks! cards – came with envelopes

Again these were very high quality, I could have chosen to have them on cardstock (as I did) or on photopaper. There were also options to ‘personalise your card with FreeStyler’ a way to add different text in various positions and at all sorts of angles.

I was surprised when they arrived that there was no space to actually write a thank you message, looking back on the website they are exactly as described, but I just assumed that there would be space to write what you are actually thanking someone for.
I would order them again, but would only put 1 or 2 photos on the back to leave a blank space to be able to write and I think that this is something that could be suggested on the website – either add 3 pictures or less pictures leaving space to write in.

Collage poster 15*10

posterThis product once again the quality was superb, If I had wanted to I could have added some text to it. For this size of poster I was allowed a maximum of 30 pictures (I had 18 and don’t think I would want many more as the more you have the smaller they will be, but then it will also depend on what pictures you are using and what the poster is for)
There were 28 different backgrounds to chose from or you could use a picture of your own, you can also change the spacing between the pictures.
It is possible to select 1 photo as a ‘featured’ image, I just went for the random arrangement of pictures, clicking ‘shuffle’ a few times until I was happy with what I had.

The website is very easy to navigate, and I found it useful that photos can be added from your computer, Facebook or Flickr (ok so that one isn’t much use to me as I wouldn’t have a clue what to do with it)
and the pictures can be saved in different folders to make them easy to find again in the future.
I would definitely recommend the website, I would just say be careful if you are ordering something like a ‘thank you’ card that there is space to write your message.

This post is a review of products from  , I was supplied with a voucher to enable me to place an order. All opinions are my own.


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