Allergy update

tim eating cheese sandwich

It’s been a while since I did an update on Tim and his allergies, I know that is what this blog started as, but if you’ve been following then you will know that there have been a few more important things going on in relation to Tim’s health this year.

So here it is.

At the start of the year (or within the first few months) we knew where we were, Tim was allergic to dairy, egg and soya 

As the year continued we added in banana, then during his stay in hospital we had to stop nuts when he seemed to react to the cream they stuck up his nose.
We’ve been plodding on, numerous appointments back and forth to the hospital due to his other non-allergy issues.

Then word got out that there was a cheese becoming more easily available, so finally we managed to get hold of some Violife It was amazing, Tim couldn’t get enough of it, and we all agreed it is the closest think that any of us have tried to cheese with no dairy in!
But that night Tim didn’t sleep well, the same for the next couple, this wasn’t a problem, he is still only 2, so maybe it was teething or some other thing that children of that age suffer from.

So we didn’t give him anymore for a couple of weeks then tried again almost a week ago.Once again he loved it and was shouting out for more.
After he had finished his sandwich we went and sat on the sofa, suddenly he came and snuggled up as close to me as he could get and within 10minutes of finishing his food he was asleep. Now he isn’t one for having naps during the day anymore and hadn’t had a particularly tiring day, but I didn’t think much of it. Then we tried to wake him, it took both mummy and daddy and a lot of poking, blowing raspberries etc to get him to respond. It was only when I asked on the CPMA facebook group if anyone elses children have sleep as a symptom of allergies that people started to say that what I was describing sounded like he was ‘unresponsive’ which looking back he was, that much poking and prodding at a time he isn’t normally asleep is unresponsive!

So looking at the ingredients it seems we are now avoiding coconut containing products as well.

The next day I contacted the GP, who says he doesn’t think it sounded like an anaphalytic reaction, however it sounds like he could well be heading that way as the reaction has obviously got worse each time he has had it. (twice)
and we have been advised to never give it to him again and to contact the surgery if we think he is having an anaphalytic reaction. But if they think I will be wasting my time with that they have another thing coming.
If I think he may be having an anaphalytic reaction at any time then I am sorry but it will be a call straight to 999



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