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At this time of year there is so much publicity about not driving while under the influence of alcohol. But did you know an elderly driver who is losing their faculties is just as dangerous?

Life as a Widower

The eighty-five-year-old driver who killed my wife, Desreen, was jailed today for eighteen months for causing her death by dangerous driving. He was also banned from driving for life. I suspect he, his family and friends are feeling really quite dreadful right now, and, for what it’s worth, mine and I aren’t exactly celebrating either.

You see, I’ve had time to think since attending the trial and I’ve realised that you can punish a crime but you can’t transfer pain. Any suffering caused to the defendant as a result of his sentencing could in no way take away mine. I’ve since learned that, having suffered so much myself, I genuinely wish no hurt on any other person and I never wished a prison sentence on the driver, either.

In fact, I wasn’t even going to mention the sentencing on my blog at all. But then I reminded myself that justice for Desreen is best served not by a…

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New buns at McDonalds

I have exciting news

The other day we needed to eat while out with Tim, we knew we were passing a Burger King, and there are things he can eat there, but the last couple of times we have been there he hasn’t even had one bite.


So although we knew all he could eat at McDonalds was fish fingers we thought it was worth a try, so I went online to find where the nearest one was on route and thought I had better double check the menu, just incase he could could no longer have the fishfingers.

That is when I got a huge surprise


It seemed that the hamburger is now not just dairy but also soya free.
Thinking I must be having a mad moment and not trusting myself I put out a quick post on the CMPA facebook group, where I was happy to see people agree that the buns had recently been changed and were now suitable.

So that was the plan, who knew whether Tim would eat a burger from McDonalds or not, but it was worth a try, and it would definitely keep Sam happy as he knows we never go because Tim can’t have food from there.

I am happy to say the allergen booklet was readily available and all staff knew about it

As you can see from the pictures Tim loved being able to eat similar to his brother, it is amazing at how young an age they are able to pick up on things when he suddenly came out with

Sam have cheese, Tim no cheese…. poorly!

So a big Thank You to McDonalds for changing their buns so that both my boys can now enjoy a burger.

If anyone wants to have a quick check the allergen booklet can be found here

Please check this is still the most upto date version before ordering anything!

Gro-clock review

A couple of years ago we had issues with my eldest son waking very early in the mornings, I had read about a product called Gro-clock so we decided to give it ago.
A few weeks ago I was asked if I would consider reviewing the exact same product and I jumped at the chance, so now both my boys have them.

groclock 2When the box arrived the boys ‘helped’ me to open it, Tim was very quick to show everyone how this was

yams clock
(hopefully soon he’ll learn to say Sam)

groclock 3

So I spent time explaining to Tim that yes Sam has one, but this one is for him, and there we were rushing up the stairs to get it in his room.

groclock 5

Not only did it need to go straight in his room, but then the boys had to try it out

unfortunately it didn’t work, as you may notice from the pictures this was 11.40 in the morning and no they didn’t stay in bed until 7am the next day, well I could dream couldn’t I?

So now for the serious review, not the why didn’t the boys stay in bed for almost 20hours!

My review is simple, straight forward and to the point, this is an amazing product!

Easy, this is being said by a mum that was only ever getting 4am or maybe the occasional 5am wake ups and now most of the time has around 6.30 to 7am wake ups and this week has even had a couple of mornings I have had to wake him up!

So how did we do it?

We took it slowly, we realised that if he was used to waking up at 4am there was no chance that one day we could say,

look you have this magic clock, you know how normally you wake up at 4am, well tonight you get to press this button on the clock and then tomorrow you won’t wake til 7am

we knew it just wouldn’t happen.

What we did was initially set the clock to change from Star to sun at his normal wake up time, we made it sound all exciting when we put him to bed and let him press the button. The next morning we were woken, still at a very early time, to yells of

I’VE GOT SUN, I’VE GOT SUNgroclock 5

so we were one step in the right direction, he was obviously excited by the clock.

Over the next few weeks we changed the ‘wake-up’ time 10 to 15mins later each day, we then did the same as we had needed to do to get him to go to bed and if he woke before the sun came up we would sit in his room with him until the sun came up, trying (even at unearthly hours) to be all excited when it finally appeared.

Within less than a month we had success and were never getting a shout from his room before 6.30.

Tim has never been as bad with early mornings so it has been much quicker to ‘train’ him, and he has had the bonus of a big brother to teach him what to do. It was really sweet to hear him that first morning having been instructed by Sam and shouting


My one negative about it,
although you can lock the clock so that no one can change the settings, this only works until the sun comes up.
When I set the clock at night I lock the clock and they are unable to change anything, however once the sun has appeared if they press any buttons they can change the time etc.

But this is a small negative by comparison to being able to have a good nights sleep.

This post is a review of Gro-clock, I was provided a free Gro-clock. All opinions are my own.

Allergy Thunderclap

Not long to go, tomorrow morning the Allergy Thunderclap will go live, everyone will be bombarded with tweets and facebook messages about allergies.
Lets get the word out, don’t forget to sign up if you haven’t already

Hinckley Yummy Mummy

allergens be aware save lives

Only another 9 sleeps until the legislation on allergens changes.

Lets make sure as many people as possible know about it

Come and join the Thunderclap being organised by the Food Standards Agency

food standards agencyClick here to come and join the Thunderclap

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Follow-up to Santa Letters

I don’t know if you remember but a short while ago I did a review on Letters from Santa.

The boys are never allowed to do anything Christmasy until December arrives, so last weekend they wrote their letters to Father Christmas

They posted them and thought no more of it.

Then this weekend I asked who was getting the post and that was it, as usual the boys were of

Two little boys in the porch collecting the post. They were more confused than excited

I think Sam bringing the letter to show me it had his name on it was just lovely


The boys loved the letters, and were amazed that Santa knew the names of their friends and what gifts they had asked for, and are excitedly looking forward to colouring in all the Christmas cards, posters, games etc

Going to a party

Yesterday we were invited to a 4th Birthday party.

Now here is the bit where we find out whether you are the parent of a child with allergies or not

Are you a non-allergy parent,

  • discussed with your children wrapping presents,
  • spent time convincing them to sign the card
  • had a bit of lunch
  • finally got to the party?

or are you the allergy parent

  • wondered what food would be at the party
  • would it be hot or cold
  • what do I have in the freezer that might be similar
  • do I need to rush to the supermarket to pick something up
  • what do I have time to cook
  • and let cool
  • wondered about cake and how to handle that

then finally joined the

  • discussed with your children wrapping presents,
  • spent time convincing them to sign the card
  • had a bit of lunch
  • finally got to the party?

so while the non-allergy parent would be relaxing in the morning of an afternoon party, there I was cooking some snacks to take along in his lunch box with sandwiches, jelly etc and suddenly thinking that maybe we could get a couple of chocolate (dairyfree!) crispy cakes made

As Tim is still only 2, although he understands a lot he still wants to be the same as everyone else, so at the party we spend time trying to make him feel the same as everyone else.

This was the first party that we had been to that we had a real issue over the birthday cake as he is reaching the age that he knows what is going on, he saw the cake, knew it was being sliced and put into everyone elses party bags and started to have a meltdown.
This is why as an allergy mum I always carry something in my bag, a quick word with the people putting cake in the bags and right in front of Tim his bag was filled not with cake but with Tim Friendly (moo free) chocolate.

When we got home we made sure we got the ‘cake issue’ over with, we investigated the party bags and were able to convince Tim that his ‘special’ chocolate was just as good as his brothers cake

Just a little insight to some of the things Allergy parents spend their lives having to think of.

Don’t forget if you haven’t already done it, come and sign up to join the Allergy Thunderclap

allergens be aware save lives