Clever Tykes Books – review

I was asked if I might be interested in reviewing some of The Clever Tykes Books

Clever Tykes is a series of children’s storybooks promoting important life skills and characteristics by providing positive entrepreneurial role models

This is not the normal sort of thing I do on my blog as they are more suited to slightly older than my children ideally 5 to 11years olds (mine are 2 and 4 years) but I have read them to my children and lent them out to some of my Brownies and Guides

The books I was asked to review were

Walk it Willow is about a girl who starts a dog walking business

Change it Cho opens up a fuit stall

Code it Cody creates his own computer game

If you want a more detailed summary of each book it can be found on their website here

The books were well written, with lots of pictures between the text to break it up, as I mentioned it definitely wasn’t suited to my 2 year old, but it was never intended for that age.

However even though they are aimed at 5years upwards my just turned 4 year old was interested in them and happy to sit and listen to a few chapters at a time.

The Brownies and Guides that borrowed the books all loved them, so probably the best way to tell you what they thought is just to let you know what they saidWillowiPad-150x200Wow – I love dogs, this is just the job I want to do, can I really do it?

the pictures are really cute

Code-it-Cody-iPad-cover-150x200my friends at school always think the only thing computers are good for are playing games, can’t wait to show them there are other things and I’m going to get rich doing it!!!

it’s made me start thinking more about what I want to do when I’m older

ChoiPad-150x200It seems so real, why do they tell us we have to eat healthy and then don’t provide us with the stuff to do it, maybe we should get our own fruit stall at school

I loved the picture of the shopkeeper, it was funny.

The girls all loved the books and the Guides have decided next term that they want to spend some time looking at what things they might be able to do both now and in the future

This post is a review of Clever Tykes Books, I was provided a free copy of each books. All opinions are my own or those of members of my Brownie and Guide unit.


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