Morrisons are getting there

MorrisonsToday we popped into Morrisons for lunch, the only reason we went was convenience,  as when it comes to allergies Morrisons seem to be way behind, they have never been able to tell us what is in any of their products, and if you try to buy from their in-house bakery then they tell you they have to phone head office to get the ingredients list.

For the first time they had a version of an allergy folder, now I will admit that it wasn’t like most other places folders, with a tick list of which allergens are in what, it was a folder with the labels from the packages in plastic wallets, but it was better than nothing.

They are still along way from being perfect when it comes to allergies, but at least the new legislations are having some impact and they are trying.
I don’t mind if people don’t get it quite right as long as they are trying and if they want any help or advice in trying to get there then most of us dealing with allergies on a daily basis would be more than willing to help in any way we can

Have you joined the Allergy ThunderClap yet? 

allergens be aware save lives


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