New buns at McDonalds

I have exciting news

The other day we needed to eat while out with Tim, we knew we were passing a Burger King, and there are things he can eat there, but the last couple of times we have been there he hasn’t even had one bite.


So although we knew all he could eat at McDonalds was fish fingers we thought it was worth a try, so I went online to find where the nearest one was on route and thought I had better double check the menu, just incase he could could no longer have the fishfingers.

That is when I got a huge surprise


It seemed that the hamburger is now not just dairy but also soya free.
Thinking I must be having a mad moment and not trusting myself I put out a quick post on the CMPA facebook group, where I was happy to see people agree that the buns had recently been changed and were now suitable.

So that was the plan, who knew whether Tim would eat a burger from McDonalds or not, but it was worth a try, and it would definitely keep Sam happy as he knows we never go because Tim can’t have food from there.

I am happy to say the allergen booklet was readily available and all staff knew about it

As you can see from the pictures Tim loved being able to eat similar to his brother, it is amazing at how young an age they are able to pick up on things when he suddenly came out with

Sam have cheese, Tim no cheese…. poorly!

So a big Thank You to McDonalds for changing their buns so that both my boys can now enjoy a burger.

If anyone wants to have a quick check the allergen booklet can be found here

Please check this is still the most upto date version before ordering anything!


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