Ultrasound scan

A few weeks ago we went to the doctor because Tim had a rash, nothing much but just better to get these things checked, it was diagnosed by phone as being viral (yes by phone!) but I was told that if I wanted it to be looked at then I could take him down.
Well I don’t know about you, but I am not keen on rashes being diagnosed by phone, so decided to take him down and I was so glad I did.
She throughly checked him over and confirmed it was a viral rash, but one of the first questions that she asked was if his stomach is always that bloated.

I wanted to cheer from the rooftops, finally someone was listening, or rather they had seen and actually agreed with me, you see the trouble is all the hospital appointments have been in the mornings before the bloating starts.

She wasn’t happy with it so said she would speak to his kidney consultant but would also refer him for an ultrasound scan.

So here we are this week he has had the ultrasound.
Everything mostly appeared normal, nothing to worry about kidney wise, but soo much gas that she couldn’t get a proper look at his liver.

So now to wait for an appointment with the doctor that referred him to discuss this.

As usual they were surprised how good he was, he initially didn’t want to take his coat of (not easy to scan through a coat!) but once he knew he wasn’t going to ‘win’ he led on the couch and didn’t move.

ultrasound certificate


What Should a 4 Year Old Know?

we spend too much time rushing through our children’s lives, we should spend more time letting them be children and developing at their own rate

A Magical Childhood

What should a 4 year old know?

It’s back to school time and children all over are starting preschool.  Many parents are frantically searching the internet to find out if their little ones are “on track” and know everything they should.

I wrote this article about what a four-year-old should know many years ago but it continues to be the most popular page on the Magical Childhood site.  I don’t think a week has passed in the past eight or so years when I have not received a letter from a parent, grandparent or teacher about it.  Parents and principals especially have said they wish more parents realized these things.

So in honor of the new school year, I’m posting it here…

What should a 4 year old know?

I was on a parenting bulletin board recently and read a post by a mother who was worried that her 4 1/2 year old did not know enough…

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Looks like Sam is planning on becoming a poet, yesterday he spent the morning playing with a balloon and saying the following

Balloons – By Sam

Balloon, balloon how do you fly.
I fly so high I can reach the sky
If you get a ladder or a rocket you can reach me.

Balloon, balloon how do you stay down low
I stay down low when you hold me with your hand

Common Courtsey – NOT just an allergy thing

A while ago we went out somewhere, I am not going to name the place as what I am writing about is something that unfortunately they have no control over, unless they are able to check all their facilities after every customer that walks through the door, and that is just completely impracticable.

While we were out we made use of a facility that I am sure any of you with children have used at some point.

biscuit crumbs 4

However before we were able to make use of this changing table we had to clean it, now I am sure that there will be plenty of you out there fearing the worst and dreading what photo I am about to post, assuming nappy changing and all that goes with it, but no that would be more understandable.

Someone had obviously allowed their child to eat whilst being changed, I am not sure where this stands on hygiene (would you eat whilst sat on the toilet?)
What I have the real issue with is the fact that there were large crumbs of biscuit left all over the changing table.
Yes I do not know whether these crumbs would be safe for my son, I do however know that he would not pick up crumbs that he hasn’t dropped himself.
But my big issue with this, I would have been just as annoyed finding this on a changing table or anywhere when my non-allergy son needed to make use of them.

Forget that there are those of us that have to worry about our children with allergies, and just look at the space around you when you leave, would you be happy to arrive and use the facilities in the state you are leaving them?

What do blankets mean to you?

What is a blanket to you?

In our house they have many uses, occasionally they are used just to keep you warm, but more commonly they are used for dens, beaches, pretendingto have breakfast in bed or even being a caterpillar.

And having even used them to be a playmat while Tim was staying in hospital I understand just how important a blanket can be.
But there are many babies and children that will never feel the comfort a warm, clean blanket can bring.

I am proud to be able to support Dettol and their ambassador Rachel Stevens working together to make a difference to children’s health both at home and aboard, by collecting baby blankets.

High Res Dettol Blanket

Did you know that for every baby blanket donated, Dettol will donate £1 to sparks to help improve children’s health in the UK.

DBBD logo

Why baby blankets?

Baby blankets symbolise a very special time in both a mother and child’s life, holding many precious memories of the early days of life.   However, many babies across the world will never get the chance to experience even the simple comfort that a warm, hygienically clean blanket brings.

Once collected, Dettol Anti-bacterial Laundry Cleanser will ditch the bacteria by ensuring the baby blankets are hygienically washed before being re-distributed to families in need.  Dettol Anti-bacterial Laundry Cleanser has also pledged to donate £1 to Sparks for every blanket collected to raise much needed funds for UK families who are affected by childhood illness or disability up to 5,000 blankets.

so why not


By donating your baby blankets to

Dettol Baby Blanket Donation,
c/o Spink,
The Hay Loft,
Balcombe Place Stables,
RH17 6QJ