Allergy Mummies have to think on their feet – and always have stuff to bake with!

nests with eggs

When most parents pick up their child from nursery and are presented with what they have made that day, I am sure they just think something along the lines of,

doesn’t that look lovely


they’re going to get sticky eating that.

my first thought was

there’s only one and I have 2 boys, it’s made of chocolate, so i can’t just tell them to share!

so as usual allergy mum kicks in,

  • where do I put the cake so that it stays safe and doesn’t get destroyed on the way home?
  • where do I put the cake so that Tim doesn’t get hold of it?
  • what do I have in the cupboards so that I can make something similar for Tim?
  • those cake cases look like the ones we have at home, do I have any others so that I can tell which is which?
  • the boys want to go to the park, can I get this all sorted for the promised treat of a picnic while there?

I think it was a success within an hour of getting home we were back in the car and on our way to the park.

nests with chicks

Safe, Tim friendly cakes made and packed in their lunch boxes.

And I am please to say by the end of the day I had two happy little boys who had been to the park and even had their picnic, I will admit it was in the car due to being a little chilly to sit outside!

tim choc nest in car sam choc nest in car