Over the last few months we have had a lot of trips to the doctors, out of hours service or accident and emergency.

These visits have included suspected broken wrist, chicken pox, fingers shut in car doors, tonsillitis, blood in poo

Unfortunately this has meant that as well as Tim taking his regular medication, Sam has had to have antibiotics and other medication for his stomach. Trying to get Sam to take medication anyone within earshot may have suspected we were torturing him, luckily as time went on he did improve.
People advised various ways of getting him to take it willingly, and I’m sorry, but although I don’t generally agree with bribing children, when it comes to medication it was top of my list, so anyone who did suggest that one it really didn’t work, you just can’t bribe a child who has run out of the room before you have even got the stuff out of the fridge, is now cowering in a corner of a different room with their hands super-glued over their face.

But finally I have found the way to get him to take it.
At Tim’s last hospital appointment we were told to record all his bowel movements for a couple of weeks, then put him on the same medication that Sam has for his stomach.

Today was the first day that Tim had his, and with the risk of Tim winning the ‘race’ to finish the medicine first, Sam was a lot quicker to drink it, don’t tell anyone, but Tim did win, however if allowing Sam to think he did will make him take it again tomorrow he can think whatever he likes

taking medicineIt looks a great picture, both of them drinking their medicines with syringes lined up, I hate sorting medicines in this house at breakfast time at the moment.


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