eggsSo it is time to think about trialling Tim with foods again.

This time we are going to be giving eggs ago

Why have we decided on eggs?
Well basically because we have never been 100% sure that he is allergic to eggs, when we stopped the eggs he had gone through a phase of eating a lot of egg/egg containing foods, but around a similar time we also stopped soya, because stopping the eggs hadn’t really done the trick. So we have decided that rather than going for milk which the dieticians always seem to suggest first we want to try a ‘test’ that we think he will hopefully pass.

Fitting a food trial into life can be difficult, I would love to start it today, but we have a meeting tonight about Sam’s new school and friends will be looking after him, so although we hope he won’t react it seems unfair to give him something containing egg and then giving him to someone elses care.
So the trial will be starting tomorrow, I have already discussed with nursery how we are handling next week when he is in all day, fingerscrossed we get that far.

So which face will he be pulling when he has some cake made with eggs tomorrow?


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