Egg Trial

Apologies for not having written anything for a few days, but as usual life got hectic, we were busy visiting family and friends and Tim has had to take his daily dose of cake with him.

As you will see from the pictures there have been days when I have struggled to get him to eat them, I have had to encourage with decorating etc, anything I can to get them eaten.

Generally he hasn’t seemed too bad, but as time has gone on he is generally seeming more bloated and has not been pooing as regularly as he had, today he even came to find me upset and crying moments before doing a poo, so although we don’t think he is having a bad reaction we still suspect he is reacting in someway. Which is why we have remained on the cake a day rather than moving onto the next step of the ladder.

We see the dietician this week so will try and keep it up until then and discuss with him to see what he thinks we should do.

If we are advised to stop by the dietician at least we have some nice chocolate chip filled cakes to end with. A lot of allergy parents will complain that friends and family just don’t understand, or make any effort to support you, but occasionally there is someone who does everything they can to involve your child and make them feel normal,

So thank you V for a wonderful ‘normal’ afternoon.



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