It is always worth asking for help and support

battling brook schoolSam is due to be visiting his new school for the first time this coming Friday, like most of his friends he has been excited, but all of a sudden for reasons I will not be discussing here, things have changed from excited to complete fear and for him the thought of going without me has become a huge deal.

I just want to tell anyone who needs help or support in any aspect of their lives it is always work asking, the worst they can say is no, this morning I popped into the school and had a long chat with the relevant person.
She really was amazing and arranged for us (myself and Sam) to go in this afternoon, so that he got sometime to look around with mummy there.

When she first met him, even though she knows the issues, she was so upbeat and made it all sound exciting, she worked with him at his pace and most importantly she said she promises she will be around for him on Friday.

He is still apprehensive, and I am dreading how I am going to keep it together if he gets upset, but we will get there, and it is wonderful to know that they are going to support not only him but also me through this difficult time.


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