Growing things in the garden

seed growing

Today the boys ate some fruit in the garden, Sam had decided that rather than me cutting his cherries he wanted to try eating them with the stone still in, then wanted to plant them.

He was a good big brother and let Tim have one to plant as well.

When I asked Tim what he was growing I got the usual answer

don’t know

so I asked him if he knew what the seed had come from

yes Sam’s cherries

so far so good, or so I thought

Then I said, so if it is from a cherry, what is it going to grow into



We all have a Lizzie inside us

The last couple of weeks have been very difficult around here.


Tonight I sat down with the boys and watched an episode of Katie Morag

It was Katie Morag and Izzy in this episode Katie has an ‘appointment’ with her mum to go out and play Pooh-stick, but her mum ends up being too busy.

She visits Grannie Island, who talks about this girl Izzy, and they go on an adventure to find her, for anyone who hasn’t worked it out for themselves yet it turns out that Izzy is no one other than Katie Morags on mother.

And there it is, we all spend so much time working (or whatever it might be) so much of the time, and forget that sometimes our children just need us to be children with them.

So I apologise to my boys that the last couple of weeks have been so tough (I know that things aren’t going to improve in the near future) but I promise that I will make sure that I take regular breaks from the things that I think I need to do and take the time to be a child with them.