Clangers planet

As you probably know by now the Clangers are back on Cbeebies

For Tim’s 3rd birthday he had a set of Clangers and both boys then saw on the back of the packet that you could get a Clangers planet.

I decided that they love using their imagination and that if I bought them the official planet at some point, that there would be little need for imagination, so we started a project, it took a few weeks to complete, but we now have our own planet and somewhere to store the Clangers when not being played with.

We started with an empty shoe box


Cut the sides down, ensuring that they would be able to be folded up and the lid put back on for storage


Then the boys set to work adding rocks, doors for the bedrooms and a soup well


Now came the very sticky and messy part


Then we had to leave it almost a week to dry, the boys were very generous with the glue!

and finally the Clangers had somewhere to play and live


The boys have had loads of fun and at some point we are thinking of adding something into the lid as well.


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