Portable North Pole – Review

When I was offered the chance to write a review for the Portable North Pole I could not have been more excited



I have used their free videos in the past and have always really enjoyed watching the boys excitement when they get to watch them.

I was lucky to be provided with a free unlimited pass which is exactly what it sounds like – unlimited videos and unlimited phonecalls along with getting all the videos in HD.
When I saw that this pass is only £9.99 it is definitely something that I would consider another year, as there are 7 different videos to choose from and 19 different phonecalls, including ones for the New Year and birthdays. So when you have more than one child who wants to know that Santa thinks they are special it is great.

The website is really simple and easy to use, once you have chosen your product the website takes you though a series of steps to complete, from name (including checking that Santa pronounces it correctly) to putting in pictures of special events that have happened throughout the year. My only complaint is having to decide which videos and calls you want to use, it is just as well I have an unlimited pass as they are all really good and I am planning to use several with the boys.
As you can see from the images below the quality of the videos is really high.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It is also the little touches that make it all really special, once you have made all the really hard decisions about what video you want to use and which pictures of your child you want to add into it, you can then download a certificate for your child.


I am looking forward to putting these up in the boys bedrooms next to their stockings so that Santa can be sure that he needs to leave gifts for him on that magical night.


This post is a review of PNP, I was provided a free unlimited pass to make videos and calls to review. All opinions are my own or those of my family.

Any readers of this blog can receive 20% of any orders by entering code BLG20PNP at the checkout.


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