I am a mummy of 2 boys born in 2010 and 2012.

It took us 7 years to conceive our first child (Sammy) after a long journey along the fertility road finally culminating in a successful course or ICSI.

Our second child (Tim) was a bit of a surprise, not in the sense of not being wanted in any way, he was very much wanted. But we had always assumed after everything we had been through the first time that we would have to go through similar again. So I got the phone number out for the fertility clinic ready to phone the next day, but something made me buy a pregnancy test on the way home from work. I didn’t tell anyone I was planning to take the test as I knew that there was no point as it was going to be negative, but thought the clinic would want to know I definitely wasn’t pregnant before starting treatment. So you can imagine the shock when the test showed positive.

I think that Tim decided that he felt left out as there had been so much attention given to Sammy even before he was conceived. So to make sure that he gets plenty of attention now he has allergies and intolerances.


So why have I decided to start writing this blog and what will it be about?

We are currently going though all sorts of things with Tim that I know many other people are experiencing as well, and maybe being able to read what we are going through will help and support others. So there will be things here about every step of the way on Tim’s allergy journey.

I am sure that at some point, (when I am not too busy with the allergy bits) I will cover our fertility journey.

I will also tell anyone who reads this more about Hinckley Yummy Mummies, you see it’s not just me, it may have begun that way, but now we are a whole big community that help and support each other.




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