The start of the journey

When we had Tim (our second child) we thought we were prepared for anything,

Initially he lost weight, this is no big deal as it is ok for this to happen within reason, particularly as a breastfed baby it is fairly normal.

However it took a very long time just to get him back upto birth weight. Luckily I had some good friends who supported me to continue exclusively breastfeeding, a friend who is a midwife came and checked for tongue tie, and his latch she watched him feed, which unfortunately had never been done by any of the health professionals I was in contact with.

So at least I knew I was doing everything to the best of my ability, but still he continued not to gain well, and this ended up not just being slow to gain but weeks and weeks on end without gaining anything. When this is happening you can’t help but start to worry, but you don’t like to show it too much to others as the last thing you want is to give people to opportunity to start advising a bottle as

then you know how much he is getting

By just before Christmas at just under 4months old, the health visitors at the weigh-in clinics finally decided that they really weren’t happy with how this was going having just witnessed another couple of weeks with no gain. So we were referred to our GP.

After arguing with the receptionist who even though this was a referral from the health visitor tried to fob us of until after Christmas, we were finally seen the same day. Next thing you know we were waiting for a referral to a specialist. I would say that getting on to a waiting list just a week before is probably not the best time, but can you imagine how much longer it would have been if we hadn’t even got into the GP until after Christmas!

We didn’t get an appointment until the end of January 2013, which for a 4month old baby having to wait over a month without gaining much weight was a real worry. I phoned up regularly to see if they could get us in any quicker but unfortunately not.


4 thoughts on “The start of the journey

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