Binky Goes Nuts

Ok so this post is about someone (I use that loosely as it is a cartoon character) with a nut allergy, not something that is one of our main worries in this house, but an allergy is an allergy.

This morning I came out of the shower to find my boys sat on my bed watching Arthur.
I have watched many episodes in the past but this was one that I had never actually seen. If you want to see what they were watching click on the picture below

binky goes nuts

It began randomly with a butterfly landing on Binky’s arm and him coming up in a rash, unlike many people who have to fight to have their children tested for allergies, or even get anyone to listen, by the next scene Binky is having skin prick tests and has had blood tests done. But I am so glad we found out what was wrong with him quickly.
Binky turns out to be allergic to nuts, which to him is no big deal as he says he isn’t that keen on them, but his mum understands just how big a deal this actually is.

We watch about label checking, how worried his mum gets about everything,


how upset Binky gets that his mum is no longer keen to let him do things on his own, like going to the sweet shop.

His mum has informed all his friends at school, which as you can imagine he isn’t keen on, but it is just as well as it is when he has another reaction with a friend that he actually realises just how seriously he has to take this.

We see him having nightmares about food, being chased by peanut butter, and being made fun of for having to sit at a separate table at lunchtime.
It is lovely to see friends watching out for him by not letting others sit at the same table incase they have something that will make him ill, and then to see that other friends have ensured they haven’t eaten nuts all day and are ‘safe’

We watch his mum staring through the school dining room window and talking to him on a mobile, this is certainly not something I have ever done, but maybe that is because Tim is only 3, I can certainly understand why she might be doing it.

And it is wonderful to see that Binky spends time finding a restaurant that is able to cater for his needs AND more importantly serves his favourite food.


I am sure that most people watching this just thought, oh look another episode of Arthur,
but my boys were hooked, breakfast in our house was one big discussion about having allergies and keeping people safe, Sam felt soo proud that I trust him with his ‘cow milk’ to sit next to his dairy free brother.
They understood that this programme was showing what we deal with on a daily basis.

Thank you Binky for making allergies part of everyones lives, allowing them to be normalised, showing that anyone can have them and that with help and support from their friends can live a normal life.


It would be great to hear from anyone dealing with allergies on a daily basis themselves how you feel it fitted in with how you or your children have felt.




Egg Trial – stopped

After a rough night for Tim

Very unsettled, woke numerous times, dosed up on medicines.

Woke with no duvet at the wrong end of the bed.

When asked if anything hurt before medicine he said his stomach.

When he woke again and asked the same question he said no, but said he

‘tummy umcommball’

translated as uncomfortable

so we have made the decision to stop any egg for a while until everything is back to normal and rethink then

it looks like it means that occassionally he can have a bit of cake with egg in, just not regulalrly, but we will test it out again at some point to see how it goes.

Egg Trial

Apologies for not having written anything for a few days, but as usual life got hectic, we were busy visiting family and friends and Tim has had to take his daily dose of cake with him.

As you will see from the pictures there have been days when I have struggled to get him to eat them, I have had to encourage with decorating etc, anything I can to get them eaten.

Generally he hasn’t seemed too bad, but as time has gone on he is generally seeming more bloated and has not been pooing as regularly as he had, today he even came to find me upset and crying moments before doing a poo, so although we don’t think he is having a bad reaction we still suspect he is reacting in someway. Which is why we have remained on the cake a day rather than moving onto the next step of the ladder.

We see the dietician this week so will try and keep it up until then and discuss with him to see what he thinks we should do.

If we are advised to stop by the dietician at least we have some nice chocolate chip filled cakes to end with. A lot of allergy parents will complain that friends and family just don’t understand, or make any effort to support you, but occasionally there is someone who does everything they can to involve your child and make them feel normal,

So thank you V for a wonderful ‘normal’ afternoon.


Egg Trial – day 2

Today is the 2nd day of Tim’s egg trial.

We started the day with a trip to the doctors for Sam as he is still having constipation issues, the doctor has put him back on the same medication as before and has said he could be on it for years.

So once we were home I felt I was back to dosing everyone up again, Sam with his medicine drink and Tim with his cake containing egg.

Unfortunately today he was not so keen to eat it, there was an issue with him spilling his drink and then getting upset,
so I don’t know whether he didn’t want it because

  • he didn’t fancy cake today,
  • it is making him feel unwell in anyway,
  • or just because he had got upset by spilling his drink,

I did manage to get him to eat it all, but had to feed every bit of it to him after the first couple of bites.

Lets see what tomorrow brings

Egg trial – day 1

As I mentioned yesterday today we started Tim’s Egg trial.

This morning the eggs were picked.

And Tim helped to make the cakes,

The piriton was packed ready for a busy day, just incase it was needed while we were out and about.

egg trial day 1 (11)

Then we left the house and Tim ate his first cake while at a coffee morning.

egg trial day 1 (13)

He is now tucked up in bed and has been fine all day, lets see what tomorrow brings.



eggsSo it is time to think about trialling Tim with foods again.

This time we are going to be giving eggs ago

Why have we decided on eggs?
Well basically because we have never been 100% sure that he is allergic to eggs, when we stopped the eggs he had gone through a phase of eating a lot of egg/egg containing foods, but around a similar time we also stopped soya, because stopping the eggs hadn’t really done the trick. So we have decided that rather than going for milk which the dieticians always seem to suggest first we want to try a ‘test’ that we think he will hopefully pass.

Fitting a food trial into life can be difficult, I would love to start it today, but we have a meeting tonight about Sam’s new school and friends will be looking after him, so although we hope he won’t react it seems unfair to give him something containing egg and then giving him to someone elses care.
So the trial will be starting tomorrow, I have already discussed with nursery how we are handling next week when he is in all day, fingerscrossed we get that far.

So which face will he be pulling when he has some cake made with eggs tomorrow?

Allergy Mummies have to think on their feet – and always have stuff to bake with!

nests with eggs

When most parents pick up their child from nursery and are presented with what they have made that day, I am sure they just think something along the lines of,

doesn’t that look lovely


they’re going to get sticky eating that.

my first thought was

there’s only one and I have 2 boys, it’s made of chocolate, so i can’t just tell them to share!

so as usual allergy mum kicks in,

  • where do I put the cake so that it stays safe and doesn’t get destroyed on the way home?
  • where do I put the cake so that Tim doesn’t get hold of it?
  • what do I have in the cupboards so that I can make something similar for Tim?
  • those cake cases look like the ones we have at home, do I have any others so that I can tell which is which?
  • the boys want to go to the park, can I get this all sorted for the promised treat of a picnic while there?

I think it was a success within an hour of getting home we were back in the car and on our way to the park.

nests with chicks

Safe, Tim friendly cakes made and packed in their lunch boxes.

And I am please to say by the end of the day I had two happy little boys who had been to the park and even had their picnic, I will admit it was in the car due to being a little chilly to sit outside!

tim choc nest in car sam choc nest in car