Allergy Mummies have to think on their feet – and always have stuff to bake with!

nests with eggs

When most parents pick up their child from nursery and are presented with what they have made that day, I am sure they just think something along the lines of,

doesn’t that look lovely


they’re going to get sticky eating that.

my first thought was

there’s only one and I have 2 boys, it’s made of chocolate, so i can’t just tell them to share!

so as usual allergy mum kicks in,

  • where do I put the cake so that it stays safe and doesn’t get destroyed on the way home?
  • where do I put the cake so that Tim doesn’t get hold of it?
  • what do I have in the cupboards so that I can make something similar for Tim?
  • those cake cases look like the ones we have at home, do I have any others so that I can tell which is which?
  • the boys want to go to the park, can I get this all sorted for the promised treat of a picnic while there?

I think it was a success within an hour of getting home we were back in the car and on our way to the park.

nests with chicks

Safe, Tim friendly cakes made and packed in their lunch boxes.

And I am please to say by the end of the day I had two happy little boys who had been to the park and even had their picnic, I will admit it was in the car due to being a little chilly to sit outside!

tim choc nest in car sam choc nest in car


Chrismtas sweets part 1!

fudgeIt’s started, I have been making chocolate fudge again, it seemed a success last year so with lots of people coming to our house for Christmas I have made even more this year.

Later on I will be experimenting with non-chocolate fudge, as I haven’t been able to find a recipe that is Tim friendly.

Watch this space and I will let you know how it goes

Busy week cooking

As we have a new oven and a birthday coming up we have had a busy week testing out cake recipes.

Cakes – dairy, egg, soya free – 1DSCF7007

These were from the original recipe I found on the CMPA website, it made quite a small cake, but the boys finished it of in no time.

Cakes – dairy, egg, soya free – 2DSCF7203

I found the first cake a little plain so tried it again with some added vanilla essence, personally I think it was better, but each to their own. I also doubled the quantities and made little cakes rather than a big one.

Cakes – dairy, egg, soya free – 3DSCF7207

This is still based on the same recipe, but some of the flour was replaced with coco powder, as I wanted a bigger cake I used 3times the amount of everything, I don’t think I would do that again as it was really difficult to get the liquid to mix in. It still tasted good, just difficult to mix.

As we have been without a proper kitchen for so long it was lovely to be able to spend some time cooking with the boys, and they loved it.

There are also lots of other recipes available on the CMPA website, can’t wait to try out some more soon

Ozeri knife set review

ozeri knifeA while ago I was sent the Ozeri Elite Chef Black ceramic, 3-piece knife set to try and review.

Unfortunately it has taken somewhat longer that I would have liked to finalise the review, initially this was due to work in our kitchen, but in the end was down to spending 3 weeks in hospital with Tim.
The review was mostly written before all that happened, but I just needed to hit ‘post’ when things started falling apart around us. However this has meant that yesterday my mother in law got to try them out as well.

The knives arrived in a lovely looking box from the outside and when I opened it I thought that they looked really well packaged and secure in there, I have even removed the flaps from the end of the box so that I can easily slide them in and out and have continued to keep them in the original pack as they are well protected in there.

I have used the knives for a selection of things, when I had the camera to hand I was chopping onions, carrots and liver

I must admit I certainly do not have the knife skills of any professional chef, but with these knives I was able to slice as thick or thin as I wanted, even making slices of potato and carrot that I could see through (although I did get bored with cutting them that thin!)

The knives are described as having

perfectly balanced ergonomic  handles

and I completely agree, they are so comfortable to hold, really lightweight and due to being

100% ceramic

they took no effort at all to cut through anything that I have tried it with.


So I was definitely won over by them, but then the added test came last night when my mother in law tried them as well. I think that her comment

any professional chef would like these in their kitchen

probably sums up what she thought of them.



This post is a review of Elite chef black ceramic 3-piece knife set by Ozeri, I was supplied with a sample of the product to trial. All opinions are my own.

Stone Earth Pan – product review

I was lucky enough to be asked a while ago to review The Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri.

I thought this would be great, new kitchen fitted and a new pan to use in it, but unfortunately things didn’t go to plan and there is still no nice new kitchen, but hopefully there will be movement on that soon.

So at least once I was back to full health I had something to look forward to using in our kitchen that is literally in pieces.


The pan that I was sent to review was THE STONE EARTH PAN by OZERI 10″ (26cm)

As you can see from the pictures it even came with a protector for when you are storing it.

We have now used the frying pan to cook all sorts of things, we put the pan through its paces, including fried eggs, steaks and omelettes to mention just a few.

The pictures show various stages of a pasta dish that I cooked in it.

The pan was very comfortable to use, there was a bit of me that had feared something with a name like ‘Stone Earth’ sounded like it would be really heavy, but I was impressed with how lightweight it was. Not too light that you felt you could send it flying over the other side of the room if you tried to toss a pancake, but not so heavy that you wouldn’t even attempt pancakes!

As I was reviewing it I thought I had better read the instructions which advised as well as the usual ‘wash before first use’ that everything comes with. It also said that it would only need a light coating of oil due to

Utilizing STONEHENGE, a natural stone-derived coating made in Germany, the Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri is on of the world’s first frying pans to achieve non-stick perfection.

allows you to cook with as little as half the amount of oil normally used, and it makes cleaning a breeze

well you read these sorts of comments and if you are anything like me, usually take them with a very big pinch of salt. But for once I would like to say that I completely agree with it.

After I had finished frying various veg and meat, and adding sauce etc to it, I tipped the contents of the frying pan into a dish for the oven and this is what I ended up with, no scraping, didn’t use the spoon at all to even help transfer from one dish to another.

DSCF6448I think we have now thrown just about everything we can at this pan that we cooked in our previous pans, everything has cooked really nicely and nothing, (and yes I do mean nothing, even if it has been left a little longer than maybe it should have been) has stuck.

So if you are thinking about buying a new good quality frying pan I would definitely consider one of these.




This post is a review of Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri, I was supplied with a sample of the product to trial. All opinions are my own.

Brownie Picnic

brownie picnicLast week the Brownies were having a teddy bears picnic.

For anyone who thinks that your children have to miss out just because they have allergies they really don’t.

Every single Brownie had to become dairy, egg, soya and banana free for a night, if they didn’t know that I had made sure all the food was safe for Tim they would never have known. As you can see from the picture, it all looks completely normal, but then it is.

I hope that anyone out there with children with allergies who are reaching the age that they might be starting with out of school activities and clubs find groups that are willing to work with you to enable your child to feel a full member of the group. This isn’t something I am doing because I have to drag Tim along to meetings, this is something I have done in the past when I have had anaphalytic girls in the unit and will do in the future.

If anyone has a child at a Brownie or Guide unit (or other similar organisation) and the leaders want any hints or tips feel free to point them in my direction. Lets do everything we can to make our children feel the same as everyone else.


Ok, so todays post isn’t going to be very interesting, no pretty pictures yet

but to put it simply I have found a recipe for pancakes, and lost it, and found it and lost it and …. well you get the idea

so I have found it again now

and I am going to write it down now before I lose it online somewhere again

I will be back later to let you all know how it goes and add it to my recipes list


  • 4oz plain flour
  • 1teaspoon baking powder
  • 8fl oz preferred milk
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil

mix it all together and fry like a ‘normal’ pancake


If anyone has any advice on whether this recipe will work, or any changes to make it would be great to hear them

Wish me luck, hopefully Tim will get edible pancakes later