How to stay in touch with your new mummy friends

Do you ever feel a bit lonely or lost as a new parent?

Not sure what to do with your new baby, or where to do it?

That’s what I used to feel, but then I decided to do something about it.

Hinckley Yummy Mummies began as a small group of mums in 2011, none of us knew each other before we had children.
Some met through the postnatal group, others like me tagged on to the group through wriggly readers.
It became a regular get together, go to wriggly readers at the library, then on to  Roodys for a drink and bite to eat, as our children moved on some stopped coming to the library to go swimming but we still met up afterwards.


At Roodys, with Mrs Roody herself
The mess was babybaking!
photo courtesy of Mummypinkwellies

But this was where the problem began, people were starting to find it more difficult to meet up on a regular basis, our children required different things, and we all slowly drifted apart as we returned to work.

What had annoyed us most from the first moment of becoming mothers was being told all the time by midwives and health visitors that there were plenty of groups on and that they were easy to find out about. Unfortunately we were finding this was not the case and as we were starting to see less of each other it was getting even more difficult.
From these issues we decided that we needed to do something about it, over the usual coffees, diet cokes (some of the group were addicted!) and water (I’m the boring one) we sat and discussed. As usual in any group some weren’t bothered either way, others agreed that something needed to be done, but didn’t want to be the ones to do it and then there were 2!

The 2 founding babies of Hinckley Yummy Mummies, taken in the week the group started!

The 2 founding babies of Hinckley Yummy Mummies, taken in the week the group started!
Photo courtesy of Mummypinkwellies

We barely knew each other, but we were determined to do something about it, hours were spent on facebook messaging back and forth, we created groups, we tried pages, we tried all sorts of settings (basically we really didn’t know what we were doing or what was the best way to start) and so was formed

We began with just half a dozen members, it was really useful to keep each other informed about what groups were on, which ones we were going to, and even creating our own meet ups.

The first few

The first few
photo courtesy of Mummypinkwellies

And then something happened, we made another couple of friends who also joined the group.
Next thing you know after less than 2years there were more than 400 members, not only was the group being used to find out where you could go with your children as initially intended but also for advice and general support and reassurance. We have had Christmas parties and even raised money. Almost £1500 to date!

It is really exciting to know that I was there at the beginning of it all and that I am one of the founder members of something that is helping and supporting so many people (536 members as I write this post, it was 535 when I started writing!)

sam and lexie almost 3

The original 2 not so babies, both will be 3 over the next few months
photo courtesy of Mummypinkwellies