Lots of changes and firsts

I know I have been quiet for a while, but my life has changed drastically, for anyone who isn’t already aware, now it is just me and the boys.

But after an exciting week I thought it would be a good time to share some of the boys firsts.

It began last weekend

Due to Tim being in hospital at various points this time last year he had never had a birthday party, so last weekend was his first birthday party, with a few of his friends from nursery, they all seemed to have a great time, playing games and eating chicken nuggets and chips.

This week was Tim’s first swimming lesson in the pool on his own, without me. He was amazing, I told him to go and sit with the other children on the side and he did it straight away, joining in with everything. Well almost everything, at one point he did stop halfway across the pool to shout

Mummy, I can’t do it

as soon as I told him he could and was doing great he got going again and was fine for the rest of the lesson.

We had a first of being in a new hall for Brownies and Guides this week as the one we were meeting in is due to be demolished, not only was it a new venue, but also a new night for the Guides and the first time that they have started meeting at the same time.

and probably the biggest first of the week was Sam’s first day at school

and on a lesser note, we also have our first Aloe Vera plant, kindly donated by a friend.
I am not sure how long it is going to survive as Tim has also had his first taste of Aloe Vera, when I turned around to hear him saying

can I eat it?

I was very quick to remove it from him!


We all have a Lizzie inside us

The last couple of weeks have been very difficult around here.


Tonight I sat down with the boys and watched an episode of Katie Morag

It was Katie Morag and Izzy in this episode Katie has an ‘appointment’ with her mum to go out and play Pooh-stick, but her mum ends up being too busy.

She visits Grannie Island, who talks about this girl Izzy, and they go on an adventure to find her, for anyone who hasn’t worked it out for themselves yet it turns out that Izzy is no one other than Katie Morags on mother.

And there it is, we all spend so much time working (or whatever it might be) so much of the time, and forget that sometimes our children just need us to be children with them.

So I apologise to my boys that the last couple of weeks have been so tough (I know that things aren’t going to improve in the near future) but I promise that I will make sure that I take regular breaks from the things that I think I need to do and take the time to be a child with them.

It is always worth asking for help and support

battling brook schoolSam is due to be visiting his new school for the first time this coming Friday, like most of his friends he has been excited, but all of a sudden for reasons I will not be discussing here, things have changed from excited to complete fear and for him the thought of going without me has become a huge deal.

I just want to tell anyone who needs help or support in any aspect of their lives it is always work asking, the worst they can say is no, this morning I popped into the school and had a long chat with the relevant person.
She really was amazing and arranged for us (myself and Sam) to go in this afternoon, so that he got sometime to look around with mummy there.

When she first met him, even though she knows the issues, she was so upbeat and made it all sound exciting, she worked with him at his pace and most importantly she said she promises she will be around for him on Friday.

He is still apprehensive, and I am dreading how I am going to keep it together if he gets upset, but we will get there, and it is wonderful to know that they are going to support not only him but also me through this difficult time.

Egg Trial – day 2

Today is the 2nd day of Tim’s egg trial.

We started the day with a trip to the doctors for Sam as he is still having constipation issues, the doctor has put him back on the same medication as before and has said he could be on it for years.

So once we were home I felt I was back to dosing everyone up again, Sam with his medicine drink and Tim with his cake containing egg.

Unfortunately today he was not so keen to eat it, there was an issue with him spilling his drink and then getting upset,
so I don’t know whether he didn’t want it because

  • he didn’t fancy cake today,
  • it is making him feel unwell in anyway,
  • or just because he had got upset by spilling his drink,

I did manage to get him to eat it all, but had to feed every bit of it to him after the first couple of bites.

Lets see what tomorrow brings

SnapFish Review

I was given the opportunity to try some snapfish products for Father’s day.

They provided a voucher and left me to choose the items I wanted, so I decided to go for a varied range.

The boys had great fun designing artwork to be used on the magnets (apologies Grandad and Poppa, Tim’s pictures of you aren’t very flattering and Sam thinks one of you stands by the tennis game in the garden while the other spends all day on the ‘go-e’ round stairs.

The magnets we received were lovely, but you do need to be good with a scanner if you are using childrens artwork and some colours show up better than others.


I also chose a mousemat, set of 2 placemats and a 7*5 jigsaw puzzle.

All the items are good quality, my one comment would be pick your photo carefully as they come back very high quality, it wasn’t until the products arrived I realised the picture I had chosen showed the tail end of Tim’s chicken pox.

The website is generally user friendly and fairly self explanatory, although it would have been nice to have a feature on the site to add text to things like the magnets which I had to do in another programme, save and then add to site, for most people this isn’t difficult, but I know there are a few who would prefer to have everything made as easy as possible for them and this feature could do that.

I was very impressed with the speed of delivery and the secure packaging and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for some unique gifts.


This post is a review of Snapfish, I was provided a free a voucher to purchase the products I have reviewed. All opinions are my own or those of my family.


Over the last few months we have had a lot of trips to the doctors, out of hours service or accident and emergency.

These visits have included suspected broken wrist, chicken pox, fingers shut in car doors, tonsillitis, blood in poo

Unfortunately this has meant that as well as Tim taking his regular medication, Sam has had to have antibiotics and other medication for his stomach. Trying to get Sam to take medication anyone within earshot may have suspected we were torturing him, luckily as time went on he did improve.
People advised various ways of getting him to take it willingly, and I’m sorry, but although I don’t generally agree with bribing children, when it comes to medication it was top of my list, so anyone who did suggest that one it really didn’t work, you just can’t bribe a child who has run out of the room before you have even got the stuff out of the fridge, is now cowering in a corner of a different room with their hands super-glued over their face.

But finally I have found the way to get him to take it.
At Tim’s last hospital appointment we were told to record all his bowel movements for a couple of weeks, then put him on the same medication that Sam has for his stomach.

Today was the first day that Tim had his, and with the risk of Tim winning the ‘race’ to finish the medicine first, Sam was a lot quicker to drink it, don’t tell anyone, but Tim did win, however if allowing Sam to think he did will make him take it again tomorrow he can think whatever he likes

taking medicineIt looks a great picture, both of them drinking their medicines with syringes lined up, I hate sorting medicines in this house at breakfast time at the moment.

Blogging silence

I am here to apologise that I have not written anything in a while.

Things occasionally just take over and that is the way it has been, what with work, hospital appointments, Brownies and Guides and I have been having to support a few different friends in various ways the blog has had to take a back seat. But personally I think that is the way it should be, I have always felt that friends and family should come first, it is just ashame that not everyone feels the same

I had planned to start writing a bit more about a week ago, but was getting really fed-up with my mouse that seemed to only work if I talked nicely to it and after a couple more days decided that it didn’t want to work at all, so I had to wait for the birthday bunny (or whatever it is called) to arrive. I am now up and running, so you may get fed-up with me soon, as I have been quiet for a while I have a lot to say!

So for anyone who follows my posts and has been worrying that something must have happened, we are generally all fine, ok so you noticed the word generally used there rather than just ‘we are all fine’ Sam has decided it is his turn, he has had tonsillitis now for over a week, wasn’t given antibiotics initially, but has now been on them for 4days, still complaining of pain, which for him is not a good sign as he doesn’t moan, but we keep plodding on and hopefully he will be feeling better soon.