Poo – but not what you think

Bathtime tonight as usual Tim starts copying Sam.

I couldn’t stop giggling when Tim is rubbing the bubbles all over himself shouting

Mummy I’m rubbing in poo

Sam was quick to try and correct him

not poo, SHAMPOO!!!


Growing things in the garden

seed growing

Today the boys ate some fruit in the garden, Sam had decided that rather than me cutting his cherries he wanted to try eating them with the stone still in, then wanted to plant them.

He was a good big brother and let Tim have one to plant as well.

When I asked Tim what he was growing I got the usual answer

don’t know

so I asked him if he knew what the seed had come from

yes Sam’s cherries

so far so good, or so I thought

Then I said, so if it is from a cherry, what is it going to grow into


Timmyism the answer!

For those of you that have been playing along with the Timmyism (and I know there were a few of you, even if your guesses were way of)

here is a picture of the boys Mimoo, who knows where the name has come from, but this is what Timmy has decided to call his toy vacuum.



I can also use it as an excuse to not vacuum too often as whenever he sees Mummy and Daddy get the big vacuum out he starts crying and shouting