‘Y’ everything in life can be a lesson




Yesterday we spent the day at the woods. The weather was gorgeous, bright sunshine and perfect for doing some work with a bit of a breeze around.

Sammy was really excited to hear that we were going, Tim is still a bit young to get excited by it, but hopefully soon he’ll be running around with the rest of us.


It always amazes me with Sammy the things that he takes in and remembers.

For some reason the main thing he remembered about going to the woods last time we went was the ‘ding’. When he said this to us last time, it took us a long time to work out that when I jump out the car to unlock the gate, then get back in and daddy starts up the track before my seat-belt is fully fastened the car makes a ‘dinging’ noise, which for some reason he really likes. The perfect opportunity to explain to Sammy about seat-belts and safety in the car.

I could describe all the other obvious things that we have been teaching Sam while at the woods, like safety around different areas, when we are using tools, and not going off on his own.


But the sorts of things that we have been teaching him have been fun exciting things for all of us, not just the mundane safety things.

Firstly we are all still trying to learn how to eat a picnic without losing our lunches to Tim now that he is mobile, not sure that we have solved this one yet and unfortunately it is Sammy that suffers most as Tim makes a B-line for him every time.

We’ve had fun searching for Makka Pakka stones and seeing how many are in the piles, Sammy is already very good at counting, but it never hurts to reinforce any of these skills. However he has learnt that Makka Pakka is stronger than he is and that some stones are heavier than others.

It has been a wonderful opportunity to spot things in various versions of eye-spy, we’ve asked him if he could spot certain coloured flowers, things with different shapes etc. Then he has asked us if we could see all sorts of different things as well, this tends to involve a lot of aeroplane spotting.

We’ve found holes in the ground and explained to him some of the sorts of animals that might live in there, although at one stage he was adamant that one of the large holes was an owls home.


But probably the most exciting bits were finding a bit of egg shell,

1040823_10151482452162478_1659382991_o      1049050_10151482453222478_679962586_o

and an oak tree we didn’t know about.


Although Sammy probably thought the most exciting bit was pulling the tractor out of the mud that we got it stuck in last time we were there and having a ride on it.

977003_10151482455377478_195716635_o  1064678_10151482237322478_538626475_o       1014690_10151482236752478_2066150875_o

But what I personally love the most is that Sam just doesn’t realise how much he is learning in all things that we do with him.

This picture shows him helping to load kindling from a box into the trailer, at first thought about the most this can be used to teach must be counting, or so I thought, but Sam knows better than us as he picked up each piece of wood and studied it, then held a piece high and said

‘Y mummy, look it’s a Y!’



After a long day at the woods, what better way to relax than infront of the TV with the rest of your picnic, while wearing a sailor hat?



I can’t wait to see what he learns himself, and teaches me next as bring up children is as much a learning experience for the parents as the children.