We all have a Lizzie inside us

The last couple of weeks have been very difficult around here.


Tonight I sat down with the boys and watched an episode of Katie Morag

It was Katie Morag and Izzy in this episode Katie has an ‘appointment’ with her mum to go out and play Pooh-stick, but her mum ends up being too busy.

She visits Grannie Island, who talks about this girl Izzy, and they go on an adventure to find her, for anyone who hasn’t worked it out for themselves yet it turns out that Izzy is no one other than Katie Morags on mother.

And there it is, we all spend so much time working (or whatever it might be) so much of the time, and forget that sometimes our children just need us to be children with them.

So I apologise to my boys that the last couple of weeks have been so tough (I know that things aren’t going to improve in the near future) but I promise that I will make sure that I take regular breaks from the things that I think I need to do and take the time to be a child with them.


It is always worth asking for help and support

battling brook schoolSam is due to be visiting his new school for the first time this coming Friday, like most of his friends he has been excited, but all of a sudden for reasons I will not be discussing here, things have changed from excited to complete fear and for him the thought of going without me has become a huge deal.

I just want to tell anyone who needs help or support in any aspect of their lives it is always work asking, the worst they can say is no, this morning I popped into the school and had a long chat with the relevant person.
She really was amazing and arranged for us (myself and Sam) to go in this afternoon, so that he got sometime to look around with mummy there.

When she first met him, even though she knows the issues, she was so upbeat and made it all sound exciting, she worked with him at his pace and most importantly she said she promises she will be around for him on Friday.

He is still apprehensive, and I am dreading how I am going to keep it together if he gets upset, but we will get there, and it is wonderful to know that they are going to support not only him but also me through this difficult time.

Egg Trial – stopped

After a rough night for Tim

Very unsettled, woke numerous times, dosed up on medicines.

Woke with no duvet at the wrong end of the bed.

When asked if anything hurt before medicine he said his stomach.

When he woke again and asked the same question he said no, but said he

‘tummy umcommball’

translated as uncomfortable

so we have made the decision to stop any egg for a while until everything is back to normal and rethink then

it looks like it means that occassionally he can have a bit of cake with egg in, just not regulalrly, but we will test it out again at some point to see how it goes.

Egg Trial

Apologies for not having written anything for a few days, but as usual life got hectic, we were busy visiting family and friends and Tim has had to take his daily dose of cake with him.

As you will see from the pictures there have been days when I have struggled to get him to eat them, I have had to encourage with decorating etc, anything I can to get them eaten.

Generally he hasn’t seemed too bad, but as time has gone on he is generally seeming more bloated and has not been pooing as regularly as he had, today he even came to find me upset and crying moments before doing a poo, so although we don’t think he is having a bad reaction we still suspect he is reacting in someway. Which is why we have remained on the cake a day rather than moving onto the next step of the ladder.

We see the dietician this week so will try and keep it up until then and discuss with him to see what he thinks we should do.

If we are advised to stop by the dietician at least we have some nice chocolate chip filled cakes to end with. A lot of allergy parents will complain that friends and family just don’t understand, or make any effort to support you, but occasionally there is someone who does everything they can to involve your child and make them feel normal,

So thank you V for a wonderful ‘normal’ afternoon.


Egg Trial – day 2

Today is the 2nd day of Tim’s egg trial.

We started the day with a trip to the doctors for Sam as he is still having constipation issues, the doctor has put him back on the same medication as before and has said he could be on it for years.

So once we were home I felt I was back to dosing everyone up again, Sam with his medicine drink and Tim with his cake containing egg.

Unfortunately today he was not so keen to eat it, there was an issue with him spilling his drink and then getting upset,
so I don’t know whether he didn’t want it because

  • he didn’t fancy cake today,
  • it is making him feel unwell in anyway,
  • or just because he had got upset by spilling his drink,

I did manage to get him to eat it all, but had to feed every bit of it to him after the first couple of bites.

Lets see what tomorrow brings

Egg trial – day 1

As I mentioned yesterday today we started Tim’s Egg trial.

This morning the eggs were picked.

And Tim helped to make the cakes,

The piriton was packed ready for a busy day, just incase it was needed while we were out and about.

egg trial day 1 (11)

Then we left the house and Tim ate his first cake while at a coffee morning.

egg trial day 1 (13)

He is now tucked up in bed and has been fine all day, lets see what tomorrow brings.