We have just celebrated Sammy’s 3rd Birthday, which he decided he wanted to be dinosaur themed so here is what we did.


I printed some dinosaur shapes, which Sammy then helped to decorate

I then printed the details of the party and stuck them on the reverse (a piece of advice, to save needing to print twice, remember to put contact details for reply!)


Pin the leg on the dinosaur

Daddy printed a large dinosaur, cut out a leg and attached it to cardboard. we took along a scarf and some play goggles, which we covered in cardboard so they couldn’t see, all the children opted to use the goggles.

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Pass the parcel

wrapped in dinosaur paper with a book about dinosaurs in the middle

As they are only 2 or 3 years old we didn’t need many games, so then it was just attempts at musical bumps and lots of dancing and singing.


I made signs for all the food with pictures of dinosaurs, dinosaur names for all the food, and in small the ‘normal’ names for things

Swamp – Guacomoleswamp - guacomole
Spinosaurus spines – Nachos

very simple to do, as always just check the labels for any allergens

Dinosaur eggs – Tomatoes in lettuce

These couldn’t be easier, lay out some lettuce leaves and then ‘nest’ little tomatoes in amongst itdinosaur egg nests - tomatoes in lettuce

Herbivore platter – Dipping selection

A selection of things that can be dipped into the swamp!savoury table

Brontosaurus bites – Chicken nuggets

nice and easy, just check the packaging for allergensDinosaur nibbles - chicken nuggets

Boulders – Meatballs

again, nice and easy, just check the packaging for allergens

boulders - meatballs
Stegosaurus salad – Tuna pasta salad

I couldn’t find dinosaur pasta, but the safari shapes looked almost dinosaur liketuna pasta salad

Dinosaur sandwiches – Ham sandwiches

Just find yourself a cutterham sandwiches

Dinosaur sandwiches – Jam sandwiches

Just find yourself a cutterjam sandwiches

Fruitivoire platter – Fruit selection

a selection of fruit that you know the children will eatfruitvoire platter

Lagoon – Jelly

A layered jelly with various things floating in it, we had a selection of teddy bears, jelly beans and jelly worms, I wondered how easy it would be to serve, but it seems that the long worms go very soft and cut without even noticing they were there. I added some rainbow drops to the topLagoon - jelly

Dinosaur cake

Dinosaur cake

Party Bags

These were homemade from brown paper, take-away style bags, decorated with pictures of dinosaurs, found on some B&Q sample wall paper DSCF3306 I wanted to avoid sweets in the bags, so I found packs of colouring with crayons, small jigsaws and little dinosaurs to go in each one.

Thank You cards

I am currently in the process of getting all the thank yous finished, I have printed these and am just writing on the reversedinosaurs-hi


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