Ok so this isn’t strictly a party, but I thought I would show that it can be quite quick and easy to put something together.

Tomorrow night we are having a picnic for the Brownies that I run, as my boys have to come along to meetings they have to be included in anything that I do and if I had a Brownie with allergies I would make sure they were catered for

(and before anyone says

‘you do that now you’ve got a child with allergies I’m sure you wouldn’t have before’

yes I would, I had to organise Brownie and Guide holidays before that catered for children with even more multiply and more severe allergies than Tim)


brownie picnic

for less than £50 I have managed to buy ingredients to make ham and jam sandwiches, cocktail sausages, mini hashbrowns, sausage rolls, chicken nuggets, skips, hula hoops, tomatoes, grapes, and have made biscuits. as well as getting drink cups and buying paper plates to save on washing up.

Not bad for around 30 children

It might seem an odd mixture, but it is only intended to be a sample picnic as part of a night being run by a couple of the girls.








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